10 Budget-Friendly Holiday Party Essentials

10 Budget-Friendly Holiday Party Essentials

Find out how you can save on this year’s dinner parties with these pretty and useful ideas that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

Hosting a dinner party this festive season usually translates to splurging on decoration, fancy dinnerware and expensive ingredients. However, there’s still many ways to invite your family and friends over for a sumptuous feast without breaking the bank (and having to do hours of washing up later). These pocket-friendly decorations and meal prep ideas will brighten your dining area and some might even save the environment while you're at it!

1. Embroidered Christmas Table Runners

Embroidered Christmas Table Runners. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Table runners are a quick, fuss-free and easy-to-wash way to dress up any dining table when you’ve got guests coming over! Choose from 3 different patterns for this Cotton Embroidered Christmas Table Runner, which are 1.8 m by 35 cm long, big enough for a table that can seat between 4-6 people. The best part is that these table runners also prevent the juices from your One-Pan Roast Duck and cream from your Keto Raspberry Chocolate Bread Pudding from spilling directly onto your precious table. Toss them into the washer after every use and they’ll look as good as new again.

2. Decorative Fairy Lights

Decorative Fairy Lights. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Strung-up fairy lights never fail to impress and they are incredibly easy to fix up. These Decorative Lights run about 10 meters long and consists of 100 twinkling fairy lights linked by a silver or copper wire. It is definitely enough to go around a modest living room or your Christmas Tree (if you have one). Choose from different colored lights and wires to match your interior décor and light up your dinner party!

3. Disposable Plates, Cups, Forks & Spoons

Disposable Plates, Cups, Forks & Spoons. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

While everyone loves to celebrate and indulge during holidays, cleanup can be quite a headache for the host. Not to worry, these Disposable Plates, Cups, Forks & Spoons to the rescue! It's so pretty, they might even be nicer than your normal day-to-day dinnerware! Eliminate the need for scrubbing cheese off the plates from Cheesy Baked Eggplant Cigars or grease from Sweet Potato Fries. This disposable cutlery set comes with matching plates, cups, cutlery and straws (enough for a group of 8), so you have everything you need to have an Instagrammable dinner party without expensive dinnerware.

4. PowerPac 2L 2in1 Multi Cooker Steamboat

PowerPac 2L 2in1 Multi Cooker Steamboat. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Instead of splurging on an expensive turkey, cheese and exquisite macaroons, why not just host an Asian-style festive steamboat party? Steamboat allows for a variety of pocket-friendly ingredients such as vegetables, mushrooms and noodles to be thrown together to make a hearty soup dish that keeps getting better over the hours. For the price of a single steamboat buffet, this PowerPac 2in1 Multi Cooker Steamboat is a festive hotpot dream come true.

5. Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Mala Flavor 

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Mala Flavor. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Recreate the coveted flavors of Hai Di Lao Mala Hot Pot in the comforts of your home with this Hai Di Lao Hot Pot Basic Stir Fry Mala flavored sauce packs which comes in a bundle of four. That’s right, having Mala Xiang Guo can be pricey in restaurants, but you can load up on the same flavors and aromas at home with these instant packs. Try it in Mala Soft Shell Crab, Mala Lamb Stew or even Mala Seafood Cream Spaghetti for some satisfyingly tongue-numbing dishes!

6. Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Bowls

Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Bowls. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Made from areca leaf, these Biodegradable Eco Friendly Palm Leaf Bowls contain no chemicals and additives and can be tossed in your compost bin after use! For environmentally conscious party hosts, a small investment in such eco-friendly dinnerware is not only functional, but pretty and sustainable. Use it to hold your luscious Kapitan Curry Chicken or Mango Sago Pomelo for an eco-friendly dinner party that your guests will appreciate.

7. Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Plates And Spoons

Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Plates And Spoons. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Combine the eco-friendly palm leaf bowls with these Eco-Friendly Palm Leaf Plates And Spoons for a complete culinary set. It comes in a set of 25 and these 10.25 inch dinner plates are definitely big enough to hold a generous portion of Thai Lemongrass Roasted Chicken, Sweet Potato Curried Cottage Pie and other delights you might have on your party table. 

8. Nordic 2 or 3 Tier Stand

Nordic 2 or 3 Tier Stand. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Elevate your desserts like Red Velvet Vampire Cupcakes and Delectable Cendol Kueh Talam (almost literally) with this Nordic 2 or 3 Tier Stand. Instead of just leaving your muffins, cakes and pies on the pan, fill up the tiers with a colorful mix of party desserts for an impressive display your guests will love!

9. Cake Decorating Set

Cake Decorating Set. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Need some entertainment ideas that are pocket-friendly, fun and yummy? How about a cupcake or cookie decoration booth for your guests? With this set of 72, 83 or 106 decorative tools, you can let your guests ice their Addictive Flourless Peanut Butter Gula Melaka Cookies or Cat Tongue Cookies (Lidah Kucing) with their favorite colors and patterns for their very own festive creations. Place some chocolate sprinkles, chopped nuts, dried cranberries among other toppings and let your guests have fun with the endless decoration combinations!

10. Disposable Shatterproof Wine Glass

Disposable Shatterproof Wine Glass. Photo: Seller's own/Lazada

Wine glasses add instant pizzazz and class to any dinner party, but instead of using your fragile glassware for the party, how about using a set of Disposable Shatterproof Wine Glasses instead? It comes in a set of 6 and has a capacity of 190ml, more than enough room for your favorite drink. Besides alcohol, you can also use them to serve your Berry Sorbet or Super Green Capsicum and Apple Juice Booster. It adds elegance to your dinner table without the need for booze.

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