Top 6 Solo Eats You Can Order on foodpanda in the Philippines

Top 6 Solo Eats You Can Order on foodpanda in the Philippines

Hungry? Try a selection of grilled meat skewers, a bowl of savoury Arroz Caldo chicken porridge or sweet smooth Taho cups. They're all on foodpanda.

What to eat when you're hungry in the Philippines? There are so many options, from grilled meat skewers, to a bowl of savoury Arroz Caldo chicken porridge. Or, go for something sweet like smooth Taho cups or a warm chocolatey Champorado porridge bowl. Get them all on foodpanda

1. Arroz Caldo: Savoury Chicken Rice Porridge

A Filipino dish that has a long history, Arroz Caldo actually started off as a simple porridge of rice, water and salt called lugaw. Then the Spanish came in the 16th century and needed something just a little more sumptuous so in went the chicken and saffron, and out came what we know today as Arroz Caldo. This stew of rice, chicken and saffron is the perfect comfort food to have at home after a long day at work, guaranteeing to warm you up from inside out. Get it on foodpanda.

2. Hot Dog

The hot dog is a dish so well loved that it has countries clamouring to take ownership of its creation: some say that it originated from Germany while others from Austria, but there are also some historians who claimed that it was invented by Gaius, the cook of Roman emperor Nero. Here in the Philippines, they make their hot dog with pork, beef, or turkey and in a colour that can only be described as unique - a fiery fire engine red! It's common to eat it without the bun as well, with just a stick skewered right in. Whether you like it simple – sausage in a bun with some tomato ketchup and mustard – or something more complex with coleslaw and green papaya salad on top, it is all available on foodpanda

3. Isaw: Juicy Grilled Intestines

When you're hungry in the Philippines, reach for skewers. Isaw, to be specific, is an incredibly popular snack of grilled pork and chicken intestines coiled beautifully on a skewer. Did you know? This staple Filipino street food was created out of necessity during the economic crisis in the 70s when street vendors had to sell cheaper cuts of meat such as chicken feet, pig’s ears and yes, intestines. It has since become an irresistible dish in the country, perfect for a mid-afternoon and evening snack, and best paired with a nice cold beverage! Get a selection of grilled intestines on foodpanda.

4. Taho: Soybean Curd with Sago and Brown Sugar

If there is a dessert that would cheer and comfort at the same time, it’s Taho! Taho is made of warm silken tofu topped with sago pearls and drenched in a thick brown sugar syrup known as arnibal. Whether you are looking for a good breakfast to start the day or during merienda (a light meal between lunch and dinner in the Philippines), consider ordering this delicious dessert on foodpanda.

5. Barbecue Skewers

Big fan of satay? Then you are going to enjoy the Philippines' take on barbecued meat on a stick, which are commonly peddled at street corners on makeshift grill carts. Similar to satay, Filipino-style barbecue skewers can be enjoyed three ways – as a meal with rice, an appetizer to open your palette, or a satisfying snack in the afternoon. These deliciously sticky sweet, salty and spicy skewers are traditionally made using chicken or pork, and are perfect if you’re having a small gathering and prefer not to think about cooking. Of course, if you're a fan of intestines, you'd be looking to pick out some Isaw among the regular meat skewers. Choose from an entire selection on foodpanda and let it come right to your doorstep.

6. Champorado: Sweet Chocolatey Porridge

If you prefer a sweet porridge, go for Champorado. It's a real decadent chocolatey treat that has bits of salty dried anchovies. An extremely satisfying breakfast bowl, it has its roots in Mexico's Champurrado, a warm and thick beverage that is served with churros for breakfast. Today though, it's become part of Filipino cuisine. Order a warm bowl to start your day on foodpanda now. 

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