Top 6 Solo Eats You Can Order on foodpanda in Singapore

Top 6 Solo Eats You Can Order on foodpanda in Singapore

Besides delicious hawker food, Singaporeans love their brilliantly purple Acai Bowls, and rainbow Poke Bowls too. Read on for all the top picks you can order on foodpanda in the little red dot

Do you like wonderfully purple Acai Bowls, colourful rainbow Poke Bowls or a quick and refreshing Salad? Well, aside from delicious hawker food, Singaporeans love their healthier choices too. Read on for all the top picks you can order on foodpanda in the little red dot. 

1. Acai Bowl: The Super Healthy Purple Berry Bowl

Also known as Açaí na tigela to our Brazilian friends and creators of this super bowl, it's a healthy combination of fiber, antioxidants, and healthy fats. The key ingredient Acai (pronounced as ah-sigh-EE), is a product of the Acai palm tree in South American rainforests and it is crowned a superfood because it contains more antioxidants than your typical berries and is low in sugar. The Acai Bowl that we know and love is made by first freezing and pureeing Acai, then combining it with a topping of crunchy granola, sweet banana and tart berries. Now that you know what it is and how incredibly good it is for you, check out the great Acai Bowls available on foodpanda and get some straight to your doorstep for breakfast. Keep more in the freezer too for a cold satisfying meal!

2. Bubble Tea: The Chewy Sweet Pearl Drink Everyone Loves

What is the one drink that millions across the world have succumbed to (and subsequently queued up for)? The answer is, unequivocally, Taiwan’s most popular export, Bubble Tea. This cool sweet treat in a cup first appeared as a simple concoction of tea, fruits, condensed milk and tapioca pearls but as it gained a cult following, so followed the incredible variety in flavors and toppings. These days, you can have your Bubble Tea with something soothing like chrysanthemum and green apple, or make it just a bit more sinful with pudding, chocolate and dark sugar. You could enjoy it with “QQ” too, a chewy texture from tapioca pearls and taro balls, or something with a silkier consistency like grass jelly and tapioca noodles. Order your favourite Bubble Tea on foodpanda.

3. Iced Coffee: Get Your Daily Caffeine Fix Delivered

Getting your ice-cold caffeine fix just got so much better with doorstep delivery. Sure, you can make your own iced coffee back home but sometimes, nothing beats an iced coffee from your favorite restaurant, coffee shop or café. And for coffee fans, it's a convenient way to try out different types of Iced Coffee in the comfort of your own home. Here are some types of Iced Coffee to get you inspired: First, the Cold Brew: a sweet coffee concentrate made by a cold extraction from grounds and cold water. Then there is the Pour Over Iced Coffee where coffee and warm water are combined in a pour over device that drips directly onto ice. And lastly, your traditional Iced Americano – a shot of expresso poured directly onto ice and topped with iced water. Of course, the flavors range from pure coffee, to those with soy milk, hazelnut, and even gula melaka for some sugary goodness. Get the whole range on foodpanda.

4. Poke Bowl: Satisfying One-Meal Wonder

Poke bowls are all the buzz these days! You see them featured often on Instagram or notice them more and more on restaurant menus. The reasons are simple. They look beautiful, they are really healthy, and they are really really delicious. Here is a quick definition for the uninitiated: Poke is a Hawaiian term that essentially refers to diced or sliced chunks of raw fish marinated with Asian toppings such as sesame oil, soy sauce, lime juice, and served on top of sticky rice with fresh avocado and cucumber. We think it's a super holistic and satisfying meal. Get a beautiful rainbow Poke Bowl on foodpanda and tuck into it blissfully at home.

5. Prata: Eat Sweet or Savoury

Prata is a deceptively modest-looking flatbread that is fluffy, chewy and crispy. In a food-loving country such as Singapore, that has naturally divided its followers into two pretty opinionated camps (the sweet or savoury ones), but regardless of the camp, it is undeniable that Prata is loved and devoured by all… in the morning, afternoon, evening and the wee hours of the night. Before the wonders of home delivery services, we would have to trudge down to the nearest Mamak hawker stalls to get our hit. Thankfully, that world is long gone and we can enjoy this dish in all its combinations – with egg, egg and onions, mushroom, or mushroom and cheese, and dipped in sugar, condensed milk or curry – right at home. Order a hot prata on foodpanda now.

6. Salad: For Quick and Light Meals

Gone are the days where salad equates to a sad but nutritious diet. These days, a salad can be a wholly satisfying and delicious meal that we love. It is a great way to taste vibrant, in-season produce where the fruits and vegetables taste so good that not much additions are required. And if you want it a tad more substantial, salads that include carbohydrates such as pasta, rice, quinoa or meat, like a well-grilled steak are all are easily available! So next time you're home and wondering what to order in, explore the list of salads available on foodpanda and tuck in. 

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