Top 6 Family Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in the Philippines

Top 6 Family Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in the Philippines

For great family meals, Filipinos love Tocino, a kind of sweet pork jerky, or, a bowl of rich tomato-based stew called Menudo, and even more. Get them all on foodpanda.

What are the most popular family meals in the Philippines? Well Filipinos love Tocino, a kind of sweet pork jerky, a bowl of rich tomato-based stew or Menudo, and crisp spring rolls, or Lumpiang Shanghai. Get them all on foodpanda

1. Kare-Kare: Meat and Veggie Stew

Do you have a family of meat lovers? Does the thought of tender chunks of meat sitting on a bed of sautéed vegetables and rich creamy peanut sauce make your heart sing? Then Kare-Kare, a Filipino classic, is the dish for you. Typically made with oxtail and a variety of vegetables like bok choy, eggplant and banana flower, this dish is a well-rounded meal that will satisfy bellies big and small at home. What’s more, it is rich in collagen, high in protein, and high in fibre! We recommend ordering this dish with a side of traditional bagoong alamang, or sautéed shrimp paste, and served with a bowl of rice! Get all of that on foodpanda

2. Pancit: Delicious Noodle Plates

Looking for a one-plate meal that is simple yet satisfying for everyone? Search for the word “pancit” on foodpanda and you'll see a wide variety of stir-fried noodle dishes. To help you narrow down the incredibly long list of pancit dishes, start with a few of these favourites - pancit buko guisado, which is a dish made of coconut flesh and a hodge-podge of meat, prawns and vegetables, pancit bisaya, a Cebu speciality made of rice and wheat noodles and pancit choca, a black pancit made with squid ink and noodles. 

3. Lumpiang Shanghai: Crisp Spring Rolls

It's known as spring rolls, but also, loempias, summer rolls and egg rolls in other parts of the world. However, in the Philippines, it’s known as Lumpiang Shanghai. In essence, they are golden crispy egg rolls stuffed with tasty ground meat and vegetables such as crunchy water chestnuts, sweet carrots, and fragrant green onion. Do also opt for Filipino dipping sauces such as sweet and sour, lechon sarsa, banana ketchup and sweet chilli. Get your hot and fresh on foodpanda.

4. Tocino: Sweet Meat Jerky

A dish whose roots come from the Spanish colonial rule back in the day, Tocino is actually a Spanish word that refers to salted pork. Most famous in Pampanga, North of Manila, Tocino is meat, be it pork, beef or chicken, that is cured in sugar, salt, pepper and garlic for at least three days then fried till the edges of the fat crisp up. When this dish is paired with garlic fried rice, sunny side-ups, and even as burger patties, it can only be described as a taste of heaven! What are you waiting for? Order some delicious tocino meals on foodpanda now. 

5. Lechon: Crackling Suckling Pig

If you are planning a little birthday party for your little one or simply looking to treat your family with a fabulous and extravagant meal without the hassle of cooking and cleaning, consider ordering in Lechon! This incredibly impressive dish features a suckling pig that has been roasted and basted on a bamboo spit over charcoal for hours on end. The result is an exceptionally crispy pork skin with a fragrance derived from lemongrass, tamarind, garlic, onions and chives. You could also tone it down with a variation called Lechon Liempo, which replaces the full pig with pork belly. Get yours hot and fresh on foodpanda now. 

6. Menudo: Tomato Meat Stew

A dish that is usually the centre of the table during special occasions, Menudo is a delicious stew traditionally made from a base of tomato sauce with pork and an assortment of chunky vegetables. Due to its popularity, however, there are now many variations to choose from: some include the crowd-pleasing hotdogs, protein-rich garbanzos or sweet dried raisins! This dish is great to order in for the family as it makes for a wholesome meal especially when eaten with rice, or Pandesal (bread rolls) in the form of a sandwich. Get yours on foodpanda now.

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