Top 6 Family Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in Hong Kong

Top 6 Family Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in Hong Kong

Looking for family-friendly meals in Hong Kong? Choose from dim sum, steamed delights, lovely sweet dessert soups and more. Check out foodpanda to get them all, straight to your doorstep.

What do Hong Kong families eat?  Dim sum, delicious steamed dishes like ginger scallion steamed fish, black bean tossed pork ribs and so much more. And for dessert? Black sesame paste is often a good choice, or, a lighter fragrant almond soup? Check out foodpanda to get them all, straight to your doorstep. 

1. Sweet Chinese Soups

Sweet Chinese Soups, or tong sui, are traditional Cantonese desserts that are commonly enjoyed for breakfast, after meals or served for teatime accompanied by dim sum. There's the classic black sesame paste, peanut paste, yam gingko nut paste and so much more. Or the lighter almond soup, sweet potato and white fungus soup and cold purees like mango and pomelo. So famous and beloved is tong sui that there is a large variety of tong sui speciality stores not just in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Singapore and Malaysia but even in far-off lands in Canada, Australia and the United States. Aside from the obvious fact that they are incredibly delicious, tong sui gives you nutritious health benefits too! So the next time the kids are asking for dessert, you know what to order on foodpanda.

2. Dim Sum

What is your family's favourite dim sum? Is it Har Gow, plump and juicy dumplings with shrimp wrapped in lightly steamed dough? Or Char Siu Bao, fluffy white buns filled with sweet and salty barbeque pork? How about some hot fried food? Bite into deep-fried yam balls stuffed with pork, or juicy moist radish cake squares? Where there is dim sum there is also dessert too - plates of custard egg tarts, sweet red bean paste pancake, or the trendy sweet and savoury salted egg yolk buns filled with melted duck yolk in the middle. Simply select your restaurant of choice, your family's favourite dim sum delights and order them all on foodpanda for a great meal.

3. Hotpot

If you are looking for a meal that’s great for the entire family, then Hotpot is the answer! Snuggle with your partner and children around a large pot of hot stock, bowls full of the freshest meats and vegetables, cook them in the stock and have fun fishing them out. Chinese Hotpots, once only popular in China, has taken the world by storm and now comes in so many soup bases – from the ultra-spicy ma la to the comforting chicken broth simmered with Chinese herbs and the more modern tomato-based soup. Consider the Japanese-styled Hotpot such as the Shabu Shabu or the Korean Mandu Jeongol. Pick your family's favourite hotpot soup bases on foodpanda, and also enjoy an entire selection of meats and veggies to go with it. 

4. Pizza

Pizza is always sure to please, with family-friendly favourites like Hawaiian, meat lovers, and trendy veggie pizzas. Truffle seafood pizzas are also a popular choice, as is the classic Margherita option. What’s more, it can be made into a fun home dining experience: have a floor picnic in front of the television, watch a movie, or set up the dining room as a five-star restaurant! Order a couple of boxes of pizzas on foodpanda and it'll arrive fast and fresh straight to your doorstep. Indulge with some sides, like cheese sticks, chicken wings and garlic bread while you’re at it. Yum!

5. Roasted Meats

One of the benefits of eating together as a family is being able to order a large variety of food to share, this is where Hong Kong's roasted meat platters are absolutely perfect. Essentially, these Cantonese styled roasted meats are roasted on spits over an open fire or large wood-burning oven, each of which is doused in its own distinct sauce. Some of the most popular roasted meat dishes include Char Siu, strips of pork shoulder that is roasted over a pit and coated with sweet black sauce, Siu Yuk, pork belly that is made crispy and brittle by roasting in high temperature and Si Yao Gai, chicken marinated in light sweet soy sauce. They are best eaten over a plate of steaming white rice. On top of this, many eateries have rice-meat pairings too! But you can opt for noodles if you want something soupy and slurpy. All available on foodpanda.

6. Steamed Fish, Pork Ribs & Minced Pork

Steamed Hong Kong delights are delicious to eat,  but what’s more beneficial than healthy cooking techniques? Steaming makes these dishes healthier because they are cooked at low temperatures and often do not require much oil or butter. Commonly savoured ones are steamed fish, black bean stewed pork ribs and minced pork. Sophisticated to prepare, as it includes techniques of pounding the minced meat to ensure perfect consistency, getting the sauce ratio right or chopping endless garnishes and ingredients. Normally dressed with sharp ginger slices, fragrant scallions, garlic and chillies, the steamed fish is steamed to tender perfection. Pork ribs and minced pork are usually tossed with mushy black beans and soy sauce for a little sweet and savoury flavour. What are your family's favourite steamed dishes? Order them all on foodpanda, and pair it with a  couple bowls of white rice!

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