Top 6 Couple Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in the Philippines

Top 6 Couple Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in the Philippines

From sweet Bibingka rice cakes, to punchy Binagoongan, a shrimp paste laced dish, order these hot filipino favourites and more on foodpanda

From sweet Bibingka rice cakes, to punchy Binagoongan, a shrimp paste laced dish, Filipino couples love all their country's classic eats. Order these hot favourites and more on foodpanda.

1. Bibingka: Sweet-Savoury Baked Rice Cake

A celebratory rice cake that can now be delivered to your home all year round, the Bibingka is a savoury dish with an edge of sweetness that is especially popular during Christmas. Its signature deep golden crust and aroma come from baking the mix with grated cheese and grated coconut in clay pots lined with banana leaves. Each bite brings a pleasant tinge of saltiness thanks to little bits of savoury, salty egg. Bibingka is, most definitely, one of the loveliest dishes to have for breakfast together with a cup of tea or coffee, or even as a snack on cozy afternoons in front of the television. Get a box of them on foodpanda.

2. Champorado: Chocolatey Porridge with Savoury Anchovies

The very mention of Champorado will bring Filipinos back to their childhood where their mothers would serve homemade bowls of sweet chocolate rice porridge with salty dried anchovies for breakfast. This dish was inspired by Mexico’s Champurrado, a warm and thick beverage that is served with churros for breakfast during the galleon trade between Mexico and the Philippines. It has since become an integral part of the Filipino cuisine. It is a great way to start the day, and an even better breakfast-in-bed dish to surprise your partner with on lazy weekends! Order a warm bowl for you two on foodpanda now. 

3. Chicken Inasal: Grilled Juicy Chicken Skewers Great with Rice 

What can be more satisfying than eating sticky grilled chicken with your hands in the comforts of your own home! Chicken Inasal, hailing from the region of Western Visayas, is hands down one of the best and most distinctive grilled chicken dishes in Southeast Asia – it has a beautiful shade of yellow and each bite is packed with flavour from lemongrass. Pair it with some sweet and sour dipping sauce, pickled papaya, and if you are feeling particularly hungry, a bowl of hot white rice. Pick your favourite Chicken Inasal place on foodpanda and get some skewers straight to your doorstep. 

4. Halo-halo: Brilliant Purple Mix-Mix Dessert

Halo-halo, also known as "Mix Mix" in the Philippines, is probably the most famous Filipino dessert. It's one that can cheer your partner up on the most stressful of days. The sprightly and colourful Halo-Halo (or Haluhalo to some) is a popular and traditional Filipino dessert that first popped into the scene back in the 1920s! Perfect for the tropics, this dessert is a magical concoction of crushed ice,sweetened beans, jackfruit, sweet potatoes, and evaporated milk. Order your ice cold fix on foodpanda for all the hot days ahead.

5. Leche Flan: Eggy Smooth Caramel Pudding

Leche Flan with a watermelon ball

Looking to share something light and sweet at the end of your meal with your sweetheart? Consider Leche Flan, a dessert whose appearance belies its intense flavour and reputation as one of the top desserts in the Philippines. So special is this dish that it is almost always served as dessert at parties, fiestas, festivities and celebrations. Essentially a version of French crème caramel, the slow process of first baking in a water bath then chilled overnight brings forth a dessert that will melt deliciously in your mouth. Get the lovely Leche Flan on foodpanda.

6. Binagoongan with Puto: Punchy Shrimp Paste Meat Stew with Rice

A punchy and intensely flavoured dish, the Binagoongan is a beautiful meat and vegetable stew from central Luzon that is frequently eaten with Puto (Filipino steamed rice cake). Its funky aroma and strong umami flavour comes from the liberal use of shrimp paste, and is wonderfully balanced with vegetables such as water spinach and, at times, pineapples and coconut cream. A taste of this hearty wholesome Filipino stew will have you and your partner passionately fighting for seconds and thirds! Order it on foodpanda.

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