Top 6 Couple Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in Thailand

Top 6 Couple Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in Thailand

What's fit for a meal for two in Thailand? Well, it seems anything from ice-cream, to Thai bubble tea and the deliciously pink Yentafo would make a great meal

What's fit for a meal for two in Thailand? Well, it seems anything from ice-cream, to bubble tea and the deliciously pink Yentafo would make a great meal. But there's more. Get more meal ideas for two, delivered straight to you on foodpanda

1. Yentafo

A good sharing bowl would be Yentafo, Thailand’s signature noodle soup dish that has deep Hokkien-Chinese roots. It comes in a lovely shade of pink broth, from fermented shrimp paste, and overflows with colourful and delicious ingredients ranging from bite-size seafood delights such as fish balls and squid to soft leafy vegetables and mushrooms. It is then topped off with some bright green chives and a sunny yellow deep-fried wanton. It is the perfect dish for a cosy, rainy night in. Order some on foodpanda

2. Ice-Cream

The love of ice-cream is universal, it seems. Whether you and your partner like the classics like vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, local flavours like Thai tea, or even tropical fruit flavours like mango, banana and more, you can find them all on foodpanda. On the streets though, ice-cream comes not in scoops but in rolls. The country is known for small rolled-up ice cream that you can chomp on too. What's your favourite couple ice-cream flavour? 

3. Suki : Thai Sukiyaki 

Just like the name implies, Suki is a Thai dish that was inspired by the world-renowned Japanese hotpot, Sukiyaki, but that is where the similarity ends. As opposed to its namesake, Suki has a bright and intense flavour profile, thanks to the addition of herbs such as lemongrass, ginger, lime, chilli and kaffir lime. It is also often served with a spicy dipping sauce that is more suited to the Thai palate. This dish makes it on the list because it brings together everything you need for cozy romantic meals: the fun of cooking and eating together without the mess and stress! Pick out your favourite Suki bowls on foodpanda now.

4. Bubble Tea

If you've ever strolled down a busy Bangkok market, you'll always see long queues at multiple bubble tea stalls. And the most popular orders are usually Thai milk bubble tea, essentially incredibly fragrant and strong Thai black tea with tapioca pearls. Nowadays though, black sugar or brown sugar bubble tea are quite the trend, as well as lighter floral type teas. In Thailand, jasmine green bubble tea is another favourite, as the sweetly scented flower is widely used in the country in perfume, soaps, and in food. Get your bubble tea fix on foodpanda

5. Khanom Jeen with Green Curry

Thai Green Curry, one of the most popular food exports of Thailand, is a light, creamy and aromatic curry with juicy pieces of chicken, beef or fish, and plenty of healthy vegetables. Worldwide, it is usually served with steamed white rice but in Thailand, it is frequently eaten with thin silky white noodles called Khanom Jeen. The noodles are made from rice that's first fermented for at least three days, then boiled. It is the perfect, most comforting meal to have with your partner after a long day of work! Get these hot noodle bowls on foodpanda now. 

6. Fried Chicken 

Is there anything quite as satisfying as sinking your teeth into a crispy and juicy piece of fried chicken? Thai-style Fried Chicken, which is typically marinated with cilantro, garlic and Asian seasoning, is known as one of the crispiest, most flavourful fried chicken dishes in Southeast Asia. So it’s no wonder that it has made its way into this list. Have it as a mid-day snack over the weekend together or have it as a main meal by simply ordering it with rice! Here is a tip: do not forget to get some delicious Thai sweet chili sauce to go with it. Get a bucket on foodpanda now.

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