Top 6 Couple Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in Singapore

Top 6 Couple Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in Singapore

Order in the most popular couple favourites in Singapore on foodpanda for a delicious mealtime together

Enjoy your meals together with a wide array of couple favourites to share. In Singapore, couples love the spicy tongue-numbing Mala Xiang Guo, comforting Beef Bowls, an al-dente plate of pasta and more. Get your favourite couple dishes on foodpanda anytime.

1. Beef Bowls: Super Tasty Rice Bowls with Marinated Beef

Ah, the delicious Beef Bowl: tender pieces of beef draped over fluffy steamed white rice that has soaked in all the flavors of meat and marinade. That’s anything from thin-cut beef slices with light teriyaki sauce, or thick and juicy Wagyu slices gently laid on warm rice. It is an amazing meal topped with caramelized onions, a lovely onsen egg and sweet pickes. What's your favourite type of Beef Bowl? How about your partner's? Well, if you're feeling fancy, order in rich Wagyu Beef Bowls or, try the Korean-style Beef Bowl which uses ground meat and traditional Korean sweet sauce, sprinkled with fragrant sesame seeds. Order all these favourites on foodpanda.

2. Mala Xiang Guo: It's Really for All Spice Levels

Get your partner’s heart racing with the devilish indulgence of Mala Xiang Guo, a dish so spicy that it would tickle your tastebuds in one bite. Originally from Northern China, the hot combination of Sichuan peppercorn (ma) and dried chilies (la) gives this unique one-pot stir fry dish its addictive heat. The truly awesome thing about ordering in this dish? You can choose the type of main ingredients you like, from chewy konjac noodles to meat, seafood and root vegetables - it’s guaranteed to tickle both your tastebuds. And if you do not really enjoy the pleasure of the burn, simply state that you would prefer just a little spice. Select your favourite Mala Xiang Guo one-bowl meals on foodpanda now. 

3. Pasta: Always Slurp-Worthy

Truffle Cream pasta, Tom Yum Seafood pasta, classic Vongole with a splash of white wine and so much more, is there not a pasta for every one of us? There are so many great things about this Italian-originated dish - it comes in a huge variety of shapes and sizes categorized into pasta secca (dried), pasta fresca (fresh), pasta all’uovo (egg pasta), pasta ripiena (stuffed like ravioli), and gnocchi (soft dough dumplings). Plus, there are hundreds of ways to cook them from the baked, the saucy to the soupy. This means that you are sure to find a pasta dish for any mood, any taste and for all occasions. What are your favourite pasta flavours? Order them on foodpanda and enjoy!

4. Ramen: Salt-Based, Fish-Based and More Tasty Noodle Soups

Sure it takes an average of three minutes to make instant ramen, but it can never beat the real thing. And the real thing is tough to recreate: to get the deep, rich and intense Tonkotsu broth that is chock-full of flavour, you need to simmer high quality vegetables, pork and chicken for a substantial period of time.  Furthermore, fresh ramen noodles boiled to just the right springy, chewy texture are not the easiest to make. Not forgetting the jammy, melty egg yolk that’s boiled to perfection. Thankfully, you can get your ramen fix- whether it's the pork-based Tonkotsu, the anchovy-based Bonito broth, a dry dipping ramen of Tsukemen, you can pick and choose from a wide selection of ramen on foodpanda when those cravings hit. Don't forget to enjoy it like the Japanese do with side dishes like Gyoza, Tempura or Karaage.

5. Steak: All You Need is a Candle

To many of us, steak evokes a sense of romanticism. Perhaps it is because it is typically plated beautifully with a side salad, roasted vegetables or thick chips. Or maybe it is because of the manner in which it demands to be eaten – a serviette draped across your lap as you slice the steak with a fork and knife. And because the price is fairly fancy, it makes it the go-to dish for occasions big and small. As you consider steak for your next meaningful occasion, don’t forget that you can now enjoy it in the comfort of your own home with a quick foodpanda delivery, without the hassle of cooking and cleaning. Simply set the table, light some candles and enjoy each other’s company.

6. Sushi Bowls: Best-Loved Japanese Favourites in a Bowl

Satisfy all your sushi cravings with a Sushi Bowl, one of the healthiest, most beautiful and fuss-free Japanese meals. The key ingredient in the Sushi Bowl is the rice that is mixed with toasted, shredded nori (the green seaweed casing for sushi rolls), vinegar, and soy sauce. A bite of this surely whets your appetite, but when you add the umami-packed edamame, creamy avocado slices and fresh slices of sashimi that melt in your mouth… one bowl won't be enough! If you're not a fan of raw fish, plenty of other cooked options are delicious too. For instance, teriyaki-glazed eel or unagi, lightly charred salmon or Aburi are other great picks for a satisfying Sushi Bowl. Order a couple for you and your partner on foodpanda and dig in. 

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