Top 6 Couple Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in Malaysia

Top 6 Couple Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in Malaysia

Order your favourite couple eats from foodpanda for that familiar mealtime time together

Word's out - Malaysian couples love these six eats. From bubble tea to french fries and this one's surprising... garlic bread. Now, order you and your loved one's favourite couple eats from foodpanda for that familiar mealtime time together. 

1. Bubble Tea: Get Different Flavours and Share!

What is your favourite bubble tea flavour? Is it the good ole’ milk tea? How about your partner? Is it the smoky-edged Earl Grey flavour? With pearls or without? Well, you’re not alone if bubble tea is your favourite couple drink. It seems that many couples Malaysia love them too. Now, more and more bubble tea shops have opened up, with different kinds of offerings, from an intensely sweet brown sugar milk tea, to a light and lifting Oolong bubble tea and all sorts of refreshing fruit ones. The pearls too, range from chrysanthemum pearls, to lychee-scented and the original tapioca. And the place to get them all? Look through the endless list of bubble tea stalls and cafes on foodpanda, perhaps you could try out an adventurous flavour with your significant other. 

2. French Fries: Best Movie-Night Snack

Thinking of having a little movie night in together? What better way to enjoy this event than with some piping hot, salty and crispy French Fries! The great thing about getting them delivered: save all the time slicing potatoes, seasoning them, and cleaning up after - all of which would definitely dampen the romance! If you are feeling fancy, we recommend jazzing up your fries with interesting toppings such as a bit of salt and malt vinegar like the Brits, melted cheddar cheese with spring onions like the Americans or the ever-popular trendy truffle oil that has a cult following. Get your movie-night fries on foodpanda.

3. Garlic Bread: Crispy, Garlicky Loaves For a Satisfying Side

Nothing gets mouths watering more than the aroma of crispy, toasty garlic bread. It is the classic side dish and perfect with almost anything from a hunk of steak to baked seafood rice to a gravilicious meatball pasta. This garlicky crispy piece of bread with an incredibly soft centre also stands on its own as a lovely midday snack. While you can try your hand at making it home, you can also get it conveniently delivered on foodpanda, fresh and warm to enjoy.

4. Fried Chicken: What’s Your Favourite Couple Flavour?

What are some of the foods you and your significant other love? We’ll bet fried chicken’s one of them. But the question is? Which type? The salty and lightly battered tempura-styled Japanese Karaage? Or, the endless variations of Korean fried chicken – you know, garlic honey, sweet gojuchang, cheese chicken, sweet soy sauce chicken, and the list goes on. Or, are you both more classic in your choice of it? Just a well-seasoned rub perhaps. Well, whichever way, order your favourites on foodpanda and wait in anticipation for a finger-licking mealtime.

5. Steak: Turn Up the Romance with a Candlelit Steak Dinner

When we hear the word “steak”, we immediately visualize a beef steak which, don’t get us wrong, is a great piece of meat. There are, however, many varieties of steak: from grazing animals such as bison, deer, and sheep to an assortment of fish like salmon, swordfish and tuna. Interestingly enough, portobello mushroom may be called mushroom steak! So the next time you are planning a romantic dinner at home without the hassle of cooking and feel like a cut of steak, remember that you have a long list to choose from on foodpanda!

6. Sushi: A Platter of Japanese Delights For Two

Quite possibly the most popular export from Japan… or is it? It might be shocking for some to know that traces of sushi culture were found in Southeast Asia, a fermented fish wrapped in rice specifically from somewhere around Mekong river, before spreading to China and Japan. Regardless of its origins, it is undeniable that sushi, whether it’s makizushi (sushi rolls with crunchy vegetables and/or raw fish) or nigiri (thin slices of raw fish over pressed vinegared rice), makes for a delicious and healthy meal that is built for delivery. Get a variety of sushi on foodpanda now.

  • In Malaysia, get all the sweetest couple eats and more delivered on foodpanda
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