Top 6 Couple Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in Hong Kong

Top 6 Couple Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda in Hong Kong

Hong Kong's couples love their sweet treats, from ice-cold milk teas to chewy eggy egg puffs and more. And you can get them all on foodpanda anytime

From ice-cold milk teas, chewy egg puffs and sweet and airy souffle pancakes, Hong Kong's couples love their sweet treats a whole lot. But there are savoury delights too, and you can order them both on foodpanda anytime. 

1. Tea: Sip on Classic Hong Kong Milk Tea

A blend of British tea culture and Chinese tea culture, Hong Kong has an incredibly rich and unique tea culture. Don’t believe us? The city is estimated to drink around 2.5 million cups of Milk Tea – that is about eight Olympic-sized pools of the beverage made simply of black tea and evaporated milk. Then there is Bubble Tea, an addictive drink traditionally made of tea and chewy tapioca pearls that traversed miles from Taiwan to become a firm favorite and staple in the city. Regardless of what your favorite type of tea is, consider ordering this on foodpanda for your sweetheart and enjoy this beloved treat together.

2. Egg Puff: A Doughy Street Snack Eaten Sweet & Savoury

Rejoice because the classic street snack that drives the young and old wild can now be delivered straight to your home! Egg puffs, also known as the Hong Kong Style Egg Waffle, Eggettes or Bubble Wafers, is one of the city’s most nostalgic street food snacks, often taking one back to their childhood in one bite. A beautiful shade of eggy brown, this famous snack is a perfect mix of crispy on the outside, soft and airy on the inside, and it's incredibly fun to eat together. Have it original, or if you are feeling adventurous, try it with unique flavors such as pork floss and seaweed for a savory bite, and ice-cream, fruits and whipped cream for a toothsome treat! Or, why not both on foodpanda

3. Pasta: Truffle Cream, Classic Meatball Pasta and More

Remember the iconic scene when the spaghetti kiss was born? In the iconic film Lady and the Tramp, the two shared a beautiful plate of spaghetti and nibbled their way into a kiss. Well, it’s undeniable that pasta evokes a sense of passion, making it the perfect dish for a romantic night in. What’s more, it is close to impossible to find someone who does not like pasta. Regardless of the shape it comes in – bowtie, penne, or fusilli – and the way in which it is cooked – marinara, pesto or alfredo - it is hard to resist a delicious pasta dish. Our personal favourites? Truffle Cream! Get yours on foodpanda now.

4. Sushi: Easy Eating Delicious Delights

Sushi really is the perfect gem-like morsel that is often thought of as pure pearls of the sea- sliced and served to perfection. It must be clean, minimalistic, kept at the right temperature and balanced in both taste and texture. It is all well and good to enjoy sushi that way, and we are so glad that it’s also the perfect delivery food. You’ll probably enjoy the favorites such as tamago (egg), crabstick, salmon, tuna, unagi (eel), uni (sea urchin) and lots more. What’s more, have it delivered to your doorstep with foodpanda, fresh and cold for a tasty night in! 

5. Steak: A Winning Dish for a Romantic Evening

You don’t have to wait until the 14th of February to have a fancy dinner or a special occasion to have a beautifully tender angus steak served with bordelaise sauce and a wedge of crisp potatoes. You can now transform your home into a romantic little bistro for you and your loved one by simply… ordering in! Whether you like a good ol’ hunk of juicy beef steak, a beautifully grilled pork chop or a tender portobello mushroom steak, you can find it on foodpanda! All you need to do is set the table, light some candles and ta-dah, a romantic dinner for two.

6. Souffle Pancakes and Waffles: Fluffy Sweet Desserts 

Goodbye, muffins. Farewell, macarons. A new contender for the most beloved dessert in Hong Kong is in town! Originating from Japan, souffle pancakes are delicate cottony clouds of joy that have taken Hong Kong by storm. What really sets it apart from others is its incredibly eggy taste and distinct puffy shape, achieved by painstakingly whipping the egg whites then folding it into the batter. It is then beautifully plated with maple syrup, whipped cream, ice cream and fresh berries. If you like something with more of a crunch, these dessert establishments usually serve up a waffle alternative as well! Order these sweet dessert treats on foodpanda.

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