Top 5 Favourite Eats You Can Order on foodpanda in the Philippines

Top 5 Favourite Eats You Can Order on foodpanda in the Philippines

What do Filipinos love to eat? Order in the most popular Filipino foods on foodpanda, from a sizzling Sisig plate to a classic Chicken Adobo stew and more

What do Filipinos love to eat? Well, order in the most popular Filipino foods on foodpanda, from a sizzling Sisig plate, to a sour-savoury Sinigang soup, or a classic Chicken Adobo stew. 

1. Adobo: Gravy-licious Vinegary Chicken and Pork Flavours

It is easy to see why Adobo is considered one of the national dishes in the Philippines: it is a dish that is layered in intense flavours and full of tender, fall-off-the-bone chicken, or pork, thanks to the painstaking process of marinating, browning and simmering. So impactful is this dish that the Spanish empire back in the day recorded it in their dictionary! And because it is a one-pot meal that is usually served over steamed white rice, it is extremely easy to pack, deliver and eat straight from the box when it arrives at home! Order yours on foodpanda now.

2. Bulalo: Warm Energising Beef Veggie Soup

The Filipino province of Batangas is known for many things – beautiful beaches, excellent diving spots, large international seaport and this delicious soup called Bulalo. Made from simmering beef shank, bone marrow, onions and peppercorn for hours on end, it is easily one of the tastiest soups in the Filipino cuisine. So popular is this dish that it is served across classy restaurants and little eateries on the street. And if you want it delivered, you can find this dish on foodpanda too! Make sure to have some fish sauce on the side to dip your vegetables in. Yum!

3. Liempo: Sticky Barbeque Meat

Are you in the mood to chew on some sticky barbequed meat? We highly recommend the crowd-pleasing Liempo, fatty pork belly marinated with a mixture of crushed garlic, vinegar, salt and pepper, and grilled to perfection over charcoal. This dish serves as a good dinner option, a snack on lazy Saturdays and even as finger food for your family! Pair it with a spiced vinegar dip, which often differs slightly from eatery to eatery. It's normally a blend of vinegar, garlic, onion, chili, salt and pepper. Ask for more dip as you order a box of delicious Liempo on foodpanda.

4. Sinigang: Fish, Pork, or Beef Makes This Soup Perfect

A classic Filipino soup dish that will wake and energise your palette, Sinigang is the perfect medley of sour and savoury. The key to this strangely addictive dish lies in the broth, which is made with a base of pork ribs, a souring agent such as tamarinds, green mango, guava or tomatoes, and the lovely flavours of tropical vegetables such as okra, long beans and radish. We think it is one of the most perfect dishes to order in on a cold rainy day because of its warming properties and recommend that you pair it with some freshly steamed white rice and a condiment composed of fish sauce and lots of hot chili pepper. You can pick and choose your favourite Sinigang soups from fish, to pork and more on foodpanda.

5. Sisig: Sizzling Juicy Meat Dish

Originating from Pampanga, the culinary capital of the Philippines, and declared a heritage of Angeles City in 2017, Sisig is a sizzling hot and flavourful dish that is traditionally made with pig ears, snout and cheeks, and chicken liver. For those who have an aversion to offal, you do not have to miss out because Sisig is also made with ingredients such as pork belly, squid, tuna, and chicken! Regardless of which way you go, ordering in Sisig on foodpanda will most definitely satisfy your palate and hungry belly. Make sure you squeeze on some fresh calamansi to add a sharp flavor that balances the intense flavours of this dish.

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