Top 5 Favourite Eats You Can Order on foodpanda in Thailand

Top 5 Favourite Eats You Can Order on foodpanda in Thailand

From delicious Red Ruby desserts, to soupy boat noodles, Thailand has all the best food to offer. And you can get them all on foodpanda

From delicious Red Ruby desserts, to soupy boat noodles, Thailand has all the best food to offer. And you can get them all on foodpanda

1. Red Ruby: Water Chestnut Jellies in Coconut Milk

The ruby of Thai desserts, Red Ruby, or water chestnut jellies in coconut milk is an amazingly refreshing dessert that is perfect for a hot day. It is made first by coating cubes of fresh water chestnuts with red sala syrup and tapioca flour. The syrup and coconut milk soup are prepared separately by first simmering sugar and water, and folded into coconut milk till thickened. The end result is a dessert that has a mix of interesting textures: gummy, crispy and velvety sweet! Order this dessert on foodpanda to get some respite on a warm day or to sooth your palette after a spicy Thai meal!

2. Boat Noodles

Known locally as Kuaitiao Ruea, the famous boat noodles dish is Thailand’s answer to “chicken soup for your soul”. It is a rich, spicy concoction of pork stock, dark soy sauce, pickled bean curd, a variety of spices and a splash of crimson pig’s blood, served with meatballs and pig’s liver. So beloved is this dish that there is actually a place known as “Boat Noodle Alley” in Bangkok, which is frequently teeming with students devouring bowl after bowl of the noodles. Craving for boat noodles now? Simply order it on foodpanda

3. Thai Chicken Rice

If you enjoy Hainanese Chicken Rice, then this Thai Chicken Rice dish will be right up your alley. This comforting dish, made of chopped pieces of tender chicken and fragrant jasmine rice cooked in chicken broth, is often found at makeshift street food stalls and cute little shophouse restaurants, and it is extremely common to take it away in a piece of waxed paper. The real flavour of this dish, however, comes from the dipping sauce: an intense punch of Thai peppers, ginger and garlic in soybean paste-based sauce. So the next time you order this meal on foodpanda, make sure you get some extra sauce!

4. Thai-Style Deep-Fried Fish

This dish looks as impressive as it tastes. It is essentially a well-seasoned whole fish, deep fried to a golden-brown crisp, slathered in a tangy reddish paste and garnished with shallots and chilli. This dish is perfect for delivery because it stays crispy and moist even as it cools. This is because of the way it is cooked – the fish is fried with the skin in plenty of hot oil for an extended period of time. This ensures that it is not just cooked through but still moist with juices inside! For a complete and satisfying meal, make sure you order some steamed white rice and vegetables on the side. Get them all on foodpanda.

5. Thai-Style Chicken Sausage

Sai Ua, spicy chicken sausage, is an iconic dish of Northern Thailand that has gained popularity throughout the rest of the country. It was traditionally a homemade dish, but these days you can find them easily in many street stalls across Thailand. This sausage gives you all the flavours of Thailand: heat in the form of fresh chillies and garlic, the bright flavours of coriander, lemongrass, galangal and lime zest, and the savoury combination of fish sauce and coconut milk. Order it on foodpanda as a snack or starter with some sticky rice. 

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