Top 5 Favourite Eats You Can Order on foodpanda in Hong Kong

Top 5 Favourite Eats You Can Order on foodpanda in Hong Kong

From internationally famous dim sum delights, to sweet and savoury roasted meats, get Hong Kong's most popular eats on foodpanda

Hong Kong is another serious food paradise. From internationally famous dim sum delights to sweet and savoury roasted meats (that's best paired with white rice), there is so much good food to choose from. Here are Hong Kong's top 5 favourites you can order anytime on foodpanda.

1. Chicken Wings: Always an 'Anytime' Favourite

Some dishes transcend all borders, and chicken wings sit firmly in that category. Now we dare say that you will find chicken wings in some shape or form in almost any sports bar in the nightlife district of Lan Kwai Fong, and Cha Chaan Teng (Hong Kong style-café) you walk into. And why not? They are easy to prepare, quick to cook, budget-friendly and pleasurable finger foods that work as a snack, starter, a main course and yes, even for supper after a long night out. Korean-style Chicken Wings doused in sweet sticky chilli sauce remain an international favorite as the other big hits like the ever-popular Honey Garlic flavor. Now imagine a bucket of wings delivered to your home cooked just the way you love it. Check out foodpanda's wide selection of these finger-licking favorites and order in.

2. Claypot Rice: Savory Meats and Mushroom in a Rice Pot

The Claypot Rice, a classic comfort food in Cantonese cuisine, has gained many fans across Asia. There are so many reasons to love this dish: the mouth-watering rice that soaks in all the flavours of the sweet and savory Chinese sausage, juicy meat slices, and soy sauce marinated mushrooms. And something else about the dish we love? The crisp bits of rice at the edges of the pot that gives it a delightful texture. These days, there are numerous adaptations to the traditional Claypot Rice, such as using pork ribs with black beans, salted fish and even tender frog legs! Regardless of the type, cooking the perfect Claypot Rice can be tricky so thankfully, you can always order it on foodpanda for a perfect one-meal rice dish.

3. Dim Sum: What's Your Favourite?

While some enjoy the aroma and sounds of a dim sum eatery and others the tradition of having dim sum together, no one relishes having to queue for it. So, whether you enjoy classic shrimp dumplings, silky rice rolls doused in soy sauce or a plate of deliciously creamy egg tarts, there's something for everyone on foodpanda. What's your favourite dim sum delight? 

4. Roasted Meats: Juicy BBQ Pork, Savory Soy Sauce Chicken and More

This Hong Kong-style meat series is unique in the way it is marinated (a sauce for each type of meat) in a way that gives it an intensely addictive barbecue flavor. To have a sense of how popular this dish is, it has been said that an average Hong Kong person eats roasted meat once every four days, with barbecued pork (Char Siu) and roasted chicken being some of the most popular of the lot. Now these specially marinated meat require a whole lot of time and resources to prepare and cook, so it really is the perfect meal to order in with foodpanda when these cravings hit. 

5. Noodle Soup Bowls: Topped with Shrimp Dumplings and Roasted Meats

Bowls of hot noodles are everywhere in Hong Kong- city dwellers have it for lunch, dinner and even breakfast. For Hong Kongers, commonly found are shrimp dumpling noodles, roasted meat noodles and the city's breakfast noodle bowl signature - luncheon meat and fried egg with instant noodles. The noodles range from thin egg noodles to thicker rice noodles in a light savory broth. No matter which noodles you go for, they're all incredibly delicious and easy-to-eat with chopsticks (the traditional way), or a fork-spoon combination. Find your favorite noodle soup bowls on foodpanda.

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