It's Time for Hari Raya: Top 3 Hari Raya Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda

It's Time for Hari Raya: Top 3 Hari Raya Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda

Selamat Hari Raya! It's time for the big feast. Get foodpanda's most popular Hari Raya dishes delivered to your celebrations in Singapore and Malaysia

Selamat Hari Raya! Finally, it's time for the big feast. We know, large gatherings are still not allowed, and the yearly Ramadan bazaars were really missed. But don't fret, for you can still get your must-eat Hari Raya dishes delivered to your family and relatives right on time. 

In Malaysia, the hottest foodpanda delivery eats are sushi, dessert (all sorts of sweet kuihs for sure), and the good ole Nasi Lemak. And in Singapore, celebrations too are in full swing, with deliveries of rich Rendang meats, soupy Lontong and very festive Ketupat, or warm rice cakes for everyone to feast on.

Well, Selamat Hari Raya! We can't wait to tuck in.

Malaysia's Top 3:

1. Sushi: Tasty Finger Food for All 

Sushi and sashimi platters, with their wide variety and no-mess eating, are a popular delivery choice to celebrate Hari Raya in Malaysia

Besides usual favourites like Rendang, Ketupat and Lemang (glutinous rice) left, right and center, Malaysians also love something else: sushi. And you know, good quality sushi doesn’t always cost a bomb. Pick from many eateries that offer bento sets and sushi platters at affordable prices, with an assortment of popular crabstick, salmon, unagi, tamago and more. Some are even infusing local flavours, like spicy rempah notes that delight Malaysian taste buds. It may not be the same as Ketupat or Lemang, but perfectly cooked Japanese sticky rice wrapped in seaweed is a huge crowd-pleaser. The best thing? No need to juggle carrying platters of sushi, let it come to you on foodpanda nicely sealed, with plenty of soy sauce and spicy wasabi condiments, right ahead of time for the big feast. 

2. Nasi Lemak: Rich and Coconutty Rice Meal

Get Nasi Lemak, the aromatic rice dish accompanied with fried chicken or fish, delivered straight to your door for a satisfying no-regrets early morning meal.

Let’s get one thing straight – it does not get any more Malaysian than Nasi lemak. Commonly packed in small, iconic newspaper pyramids lined with banana leaf, you can find Nasi Lemak pretty much anywhere and everywhere. The makings of a good Nasi Lemak is in how fragrant and fatty the rice is (from the pandan leaves and coconut milk, respectively), the quality of the sambal (it’s got to have the right sweet-spicy blend) and rounded off with crispy anchovies, half a hard-boiled egg, toasted peanuts, and cool cucumber slices on the side. As satisfying as it is inexpensive, it remains as one of Malaysian’s popular all-day dishes. And we think getting some Nasi Lemak delivered by foodpanda would be perfect for the feast! 

3. Desserts: Must-Have Sweets Spread

A rainbow coloured Kuih Lapis, a sweet pandan coconut layered cake is one of the must-have desserts at Raya feasts 

Sweet treats are aplenty during the Raya festive season – ranging from cookies, biscuits, cakes and traditional Malaysian kuih, we can safely say that there is definitely no short supply of desserts to munch on. Malaysian favourites such as Pineapple Tarts, Dodol, Kuih Bakar and Bubur Pulut Hitam are just a few we love, and Eid is known to also bring out the sweet tooth in all of us, whether we resist it or not. Other Raya favourites like Onde-Onde, Kuih Lapis and Ais Kacang – with its colourful confetti of sweet corn, red bean, cendol and peanuts all covered by a mountain of shaved ice and rained with sweet flavoured syrup and evaporated milk. No Raya feast is ever complete without a dessert spread for all. Get some on foodpanda now. 

  • If you’re in Malaysia, get all the best Hari Raya feasts delivered ahead of the celebrations by ordering in foodpanda. Selamat Hari Raya!

Singapore's Top 3:

1. Lontong: Coconutty, Nutritious and Soupy

During Raya celebrations, you'll see this popular soupy vegetable bowl dished out in seconds, third and fourth helpings

In Singapore, Lontong's a hugely popular sharing dish, and a delicious coconut milk-based soup similar to Sayur Lodeh. It's spiced to perfectly compliment every single component that makes up the dish – Nasi Himpit (pressed rice), chopped vegetables, condiments such as fried tempeh and tofu, boiled egg, sambal, vermicelli noodles and Serunding Kelapa (fried spicy shredded coconut) all come together in a beautiful blend of flavours that just hits the spot. During Eid, you get to enjoy it as a dish on its own or paired beautifully with other Raya dishes such as Kuah Kacang (creamy peanut sauce) and Rendang. Get yours delivered on foodpanda.

2. Ketupat: Must-Have Festive Rice Cakes

The grassy-scented Ketupat is a symbol of Ramadan that's also delicious to eat

Ketupat is synonymous with Eid not only as a dish, but also as a decorative piece as we start to see Ketupat-shaped lights and decor hung all over, throughout the Raya season in Singapore and Malaysia. Ketupat is actually woven palm leaves shaped into a vessel that’s then filled with rice and boiled for hours until the rice cooks inside, maintaining the shape of the woven leaves. There are many different types of Ketupat that are enjoyed during Eid, such as the standard square-shaped Ketupat Nasi and Ketupat Palas which is made with glutinous rice and wrapped in a triangular shape using Palas leaves (fan palm leaves). Best part is, you can savour Ketupat in many different ways – eaten with Rendang, Serunding (spicy coconut flakes) or enjoyed under a creamy blanket of Lontong. We can only say, remember to get enough for everyone! Get them on foodpanda now.

3. Rendang: Spicy, Rich, Melt-in-Mouth Meat Dish

The ever-popular Rendang can be made with many different meats, including mutton, chicken and seafood too. Beef Rendang though, remains the all-time favourite 

What is Eid without Rendang? Prepare it with chicken, lamb, tempeh, tofu or even mock meat (for vegetarians!) but the classic will have to be Beef Rendang, always. You know it well, bite into soft, tender beef cubes stewed for a long period of time in a spicy, rich coconut concoction confirmed to wow your tastebuds. Patience is the name of the game with this one, because the longer you leave it to cook under low-heat, the more tender the beef gets. Rendang is of Indonesian origin and often served at special ceremonies, particularly within the Malay community. It's best enjoyed with white rice, Ketupat, or Nasi Lemak (coconut rice). It’s almost an unspoken rule where you can't celebrate Eid right until the Rendang comes out. So remember to get those deliveries on foodpanda in quick, before everyone else! 

  • If you’re in Singapore, get all the best Hari Raya feasts delivered ahead of the celebrations with foodpanda. Selamat Hari Raya! 
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