It's Sahur Time: Top 3 Breakfast Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda
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It's Sahur Time: Top 3 Breakfast Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda

If you’re in Singapore, stay home and get your Sahur delivered fast and fresh with foodpanda's most popular breakfast favourites

How are you holding up? Well, it's now mid-way into the fasting month of Ramadan, and if you're in need of just a little more sleep in the morning, get Sahur delivered to your doorstep. There are plenty of choices on the menus, and in Singapore, you'll want to consider foodpanda's top 3 most popular breakfast favourites for some early morning inspiration.

Now in the food-obsessed nation, they love their fluffy milk bread, healthy cereal mixes and comforting porridge bowls. Well, whatever you pick on foodpanda, it'll reach you fast and fresh. Happy Fasting! 

Singapore's Top 3: 

1. Congee: Comforting Savoury Porridge Bowls

Congee is a gentle wake-your-stomach-up morning meal. Get a family portion delivered the night before and warm up in minutes as everyone gets ready for the day.

In Singapore, you can find congee (or “chog” in Cantonese) everywhere- it’s a popular dish of choice in the morning. Just scroll through foodpanda and you’ll find Halal options aplenty, so Muslims need not worry! A warm, silky smooth bowl of congee comes with variations of side dishes and garnishes to compliment it such as chicken, fish, vegetables or whatever your heart desires. The wholesome and soul-warming savoury rice bowl will fuel your day from sunrise to sunset.

2. Cereal: Quick and Healthy Cereal Bowls

Cold, crisp cereals are a quick, fuss-free early morning meal. Plenty of cafes offer these staple breakfast bowls with a mix of muesli, fruits, overnight oats and more.

Quick, easy and reliable – what’s not to love about cereal? Throughout the years, cereal has always been a classic breakfast staple all over the world. Singaporeans can’t help themselves because you really can’t go wrong, but long gone are the days of simply pouring cereal and milk in a bowl. To make it even more nutritious and filling in order to sustain yourself for the day, opt for healthier cereal choices instead of sugar-laden ones. You can get your cereal boxes delivered from pandanow, an on-demand grocery service by foodpanda that never sleeps, that means you get your deliveries anytime you want. Or, if you prefer your cereal bowl more colourful, plenty of picks on foodpanda include healthy cereal and muesli bowls, and the on-trend overnight oats and acai bowls for a major stamina-booster. Get some delivered the night before from cafes and specialised "green food" stalls that offer that rainbow mix. You can even melt in some gula melaka (palm sugar), for a mellowly sweet nutty taste. Now that’s what we call a Sahur for champions!

3. Milk Bread: Fluffy Milk Bread in Buns and Soft Slices

In bakeries, milk bread is also sold as soft milk buns. Get a box of these delivered, along with a selection of the bakery's best offering to make a week-long Sahur meal plan.

Milk bread (also known as Hokkaido milk bread) had its rise to fame for being the softest and fluffiest bread ever, thanks to the Yudane method which calls for tangzhong, a warm flour-and water paste or roux. With its distinct, sweet milky flavour and airy white interior against the golden-brown tan, milk bread has captured the hearts of Singaporeans who love to snack on these pillow-like bread. It’s no surprise given milk bread’s versatility, that it can also be enjoyed in many ways – with fruit spreads, sandwiched between a generous layer of nut butter, alongside a cup of tea or coffee, or just on its own. Want to add a bit of local flavour to it? Slather some pandan kaya on these bad boys and you’re good to go for the day. In convenience stores, they are commonly sold in a loaf of sliced bread. You can also get a loaf of milk toast bread delivered from pandanow, an on-demand grocery service by foodpanda that never sleeps, that means you get your deliveries anytime you want. In bakeries, though you can get them in soft square blocks of pull apart bread buns. Fair warning: you might have to have a recurring delivery on them as they go faster than you'd expect. 

  • In Singapore, you can get all your favourite breakfast food delivered fresh and fast with foodpanda the night before, or in the early morning, all in time for your daily Sahur. 
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