It's Buka Puasa Time: Top 3 Dinner Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda

It's Buka Puasa Time: Top 3 Dinner Favourites You Can Order on foodpanda

With a little help from speedy delivery services like foodpanda, order these top 3 most popular Buka Puasa dishes in Malaysia and Singapore straight to your doorstep in time for the breaking of fast

After a full day of fasting, there's always the question, “What should we have for Buka Puasa?” The answer: EVERYTHING. Now though, with most eateries closed for dine-ins in Malaysia and Singapore, everyone's having Iftar at home. But with a little help from speedy delivery services like foodpanda, you can still get your family's favourites delivered straight to your doorstep in time for the breaking of fast.

In Malaysia, the top delivery dishes are no surprise: the ever-classic Bubur Lambok, easy-eating Chicken Burgers and rich, creamy milkshakes. You know, the kind blended with refreshing fruits swirls and rich chocolate? And in the city-island of Singapore, Iftar meals include a most festive Nasi Ambeng, which is essentially a sharing size Nasi Padang, a curry-laced Nasi Briyani, and crisp meaty Murtabak pancakes.

What's your go-to Buka Puasa dish? 

Malaysia's Top 3: 

1. Porridge: Gingery Meaty Bubur Lambuk

A spiced meat and veggie porridge, or Bubur Lambuk, is a go-to Buka Puasa meal for many in Malaysia. Send a delivery your relatives’ way so they have one less trip to make.

Rice porridge is so versatile. It comes in so many variations that it’s hard to choose your toppings. In Malaysia and Singapore, Bubur Lambuk is a staple during Ramadan, commonly found at food bazaars or distributed from massive pots at mosques, schools and community centres. The warm porridgy bowl is loaded with spices and aromatics such as ginger (we like lots of it!), fennel, cardamom, star anise, cinnamon and cumin, then garnished with crispy fried shallots or bawang goreng to give it that crunch. Consider it a Ramadan comfort food that’s filling, nutritious and easy on the stomach. Get a big pot of it delivered with foodpanda for your whole family and the relatives. 

2. Milkshakes: Creamy Blends of Milk, Fruits, and Chocolately Swirls 

Treat your family to delicious, creamy cold milkshakes deliveries for a perfect Iftar feast (without all the prep work!)

Milkshakes just got an upgrade: over-the-top milkshakes are popping up everywhere in Malaysia, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. You know which ones we’re talking about: the ones you see on social media that look like it’s ready to hit the red carpet. We mean, overflowing from the cup, drowning in sauce that’s dripping down the sides, whipped cream and maybe even a donut or brownie on top. It may not be easy to drink, but we can definitely say it sure is worth it. So, the question: why not treat yourself, and share the love? If you’re not into all that fancy, messy stuff, fret not – classic milkshakes remain a classic for a reason. Whether it’s vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or some other funky flavours, it will definitely put a sweet smile on your face after a long day of fasting. And if you've got kids or kids at heart in house, they'll love the cold ice blended sweet drink. Save time on prepping and get your milkshakes delivered cold as ice with foodpanda’s speedy delivery service.

3. Chicken Burgers: Delicious Easy Eating 

Beyond classic cheeseburgers, scroll through a selection of trendy gourmet meat burgers on foodpanda for easy Iftar eating.

What can be more satisfying than a nice, juicy burger in your hands for Iftar? Get ready because Chicken Burgers are making a comeback. For those of you who prefer the classic chicken burgers, or would like to try something new, we’re now spoilt for choice! The classic is of course a juicy meat patty with fresh lettuce, tomato and cheese in between two fluffy buns. But many also chomp through gourmet burgers of all kinds. We’re talking fried chicken thigh, Korean-style, grilled, homemade chicken patty, stuffed chicken patties, the options are truly endless. So how about picking a variety of scrumptious burgers on foodpanda for Iftar? 

  • If you're in Malaysia, get all your favourite buka meals delivered with foodpanda, all in time for the breaking of fast.

Singapore's Top 3:

1. Nasi Briyani: Aromatic, Curry-Laced Basmati Rice

Break fast with warm, fluffy Nasi Briyani that the whole family will enjoy. 

Nasi Briyani is a dish in a league of its own – fluffy basmati rice cooked to rich aromatic perfection with the right combination of spices and meat of choice. The meat or even seafood can include a wide selection: mutton, beef, chicken, fish, prawns and more. Ghee also plays the all-important *buttery* role in making Nasi Briyani (yum). The fragrant long-grain rice is stirred hot with garlic, onions, and a dollop of the golden ghee spread. In Singapore, you'll find many tucking into plates of Nasi Briyani well into the night (it makes for a quick and tasty supper), with ice cold Milo to wash it all down. But don't wait till supper to eat, just imagine breaking your fast during Iftar with a big plate of aromatic Nasi Briyani and your choice meat, delivered piping hot to your door… look through foodpanda now!

2. Murtabak: Crisp and Chewy Savoury Meat Pancakes

Packed with crisp meat bits and fried vegetables, Murtabak makes for a tasty side at Iftar. 

Ask any Singaporean about murtabak and they’ll be quick to tell you where to find a good one. This stuffed savoury pancake is filled with all the things that make it great. Some may even describe it as an omelette folded in pan-fried bread with bits of vegetables and spiced minced meat. Vegetarian murtabak is also available for those that don’t eat meat or prefer the vegetarian option, and it is often served with curry on the side to dip. Although it is quite a heavy and filling dish on its own, Murtabak is usually eaten as a side dish or snack. Whatever it is, it does the job to keep your tummy satisfied, so we’ll count that as an Iftar win! Choose your selection of savoury meats on foodpanda, set up the table (and those virtual Iftar dinners), and soon your pancakes will arrive crisp and chewy.  

3. Nasi Ambeng: A Delicious Nasi Padang Sharing Platter

It's good fun picking out what everyone wants in a Nasi Ambeng. Get all your family's selections in and straight to your home with foodpanda.

Popular especially in the Javanese-Malay communities in Singapore, Nasi Ambeng is made up of steamed rice and dishes such as chicken stew or curry, rendang, tofu, tempeh, long beans, Serunding (spicy coconut flakes) and other veggies and condiments on the side, along with sambal. Traditionally, Nasi Ambeng is served in a communal dining-style platter to be shared with 4-6 people, especially during festivities or special occasions. Think of it as a distant relative of Nasi Padang, another popular Indonesian rice dish. What could be better than breaking fast with your family, or quarantine buddies while having this larger-than-life, mouthwatering meal delivered by foodpanda right to your doorstep to share? Seems like a good enough reason to celebrate. Happy Iftar!

  • If you're in Singapore, get all your favourite buka meals delivered with foodpanda, all in time for the breaking of fast.
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