Fast and Easy Asian Food Recipes

Picture this: you just finally finished your 8-hour shift and have reached home. You are starving but you are not in the mood to leave the house or order takeout. Like most members of the modern workforce, you are craving for some mouth-watering comfort foods.

With the Asian Food Network’s recipe bank of fast Asian food recipes, you can say goodbye to premade meals and TV dinners. Instead, you can whip up a tantalizing meal under 30 minutes in the comfort of your own home.


Easy but Worth the While

Who says you can’t prepare a nutritious and delicious meal in a hurry?

Our fast Asian food recipes include simple but satisfying meals like yang zhou fried rice and even mains like buttermilk chicken and triple steamed egg that you can enjoy with rice.

Browse now and try your hand at preparing these appetizing meals now. 

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