Minced Meat


Tofu with Minced Meat and Prawns

A simple, hearty and healthy dish of fresh tofu generously topped with minced meat and mushrooms.

Kibbeh Akras

A rather classic and easy-to-make Middle-Eastern dish originating from Lebanon, Kibbeh Akras are meatballs made with bulgur and finely ground meat that's all perfectly spiced. The meat is actually stuffed in a hollow shell made from a combination of bulgur and minced meat -that's right, this comfort food is basically meat wrapped around meat! The bulgur, being a type of wheat, gives the dish the heartiness it needs in order to keep you full for the whole day. Make a whole bunch as Kibbeh Akras can be prepared and frozen way beforehand and baked as and when needed. Hot tip: Want more crips and crunch? Don't bake 'em, deep-fry instead!

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