Difficult Asian Dishes for the Daring 

While cooking is meant to be a relaxing affair, sometimes a little challenge can give your confidence in the kitchen an edge. 

Not all dishes are created equal. Some Asian foods like fried rice and ABC soup are renowned for tasting great but being relatively easy to prepare, but if you are up for a challenge there are tons of difficult Asian dishes you can attempt to enhance your culinary skills. 

To master these hard Asian dishes, you must be familiar with common cooking methods like steaming, deep-frying, pan-frying and baking. You would also need to be comfortable cooking large portions of protein like chicken, crab and tiger prawns. 

Most Difficult Ingredients to Work With 

Some proteins tend to cook quicker than others. Some sauces require more work and ingredients. But what are the hardest ingredients to work with when it comes to Asian cuisine? 

(1) Chicken: ironically, chicken can be difficult to cook especially if you do not control the temperature of your pan or oven. While it might be the most well-known protein, nailing the perfect chicken dish requires precision and control. Overcooking the chicken would cause it to get dry and rubbery. 

(2) Coconut: coconut might be used to flavour many Malay and Indonesian dishes, but it overcooks fairly easily. When it is undercooked, it will not be as aromatic. 

(3) Crab: ah crab, perhaps the sweetest of seafood. There are many ways to make a crab dish taste great, but there are also tons of ways you could mess up a crab dish. It might be challenging for you to get rid of the fishy smell and cook the crab evenly. Stale crab could also feel powdery. 

Too Difficult?

If these Asian recipes are too challenging for you, fret not because we have other easy and intermediate dishes too!

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