Easy, Intermediate and Hard Asian Food Recipes

Looking for a new recipe to try? The Asian Food Network has all that and more.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, we have the right recipe for you tot try. Try out some of our easy dinner recipes that is perfect for Friday nights in and enjoy some good home cooked food. We understand that it might be stressful thinking of what to cook and eat for dinner, do try our 30 minutes or less recipes that are easy , quick and tasty. Dinner meals have never been easier.

Easy Asian Food Recipes

New to cooking? Have no fear because we have a whole list of easy Asian food recipes for you to try your hand at and get comfortable with. Most easy dishes like Chinese Style Scrambled Eggs with Tomato can be completed in 8 steps or less. They might be easy to put together, but these dishes are packed with flavour.

Intermediate Asian Food Recipes

Ready to play around with more ingredients? Intermediate Asian food recipes like Ayam Penyet incorporate more steps and ingredients. You might discover your natural abilities in the kitchen!

Hard Asian Food Recipes

If you are looking for a culinary challenge, let’s see how you fare at our hard Asian food recipes. Choose from delicious but complex dishes like Xiao Long Bao.

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