Mala (Spicy Sichuan Cuisine)

This popular, mind numbing, tongue burning spice is said to hail from the Yangtze River near Sichuan and has taken Southeast Asia by storm (& taste). What makes mala so tasty? Its likely the special, unique blend of spices like sichuan peppercorns, dried chilli peppers, chilli powder, duoban paste, garlic, fennel seeds, cloves, star anise, ginger, black cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, salt and sugar. If you're feeling adventurous, here's our own take on the delicious and addictive paste so you can have mala anytime you want. 

Normally eaten in Mala Xiang Guo (stir fried) or Mala Tang (soup), the versatile paste can be used in almost any dish to give it an extra layer of flavour. Mala Molten Lava Cake? Only the best combination ever. Here, we have some delicious recipes that include the mind numbing paste that you need to try. From Mala Cream Spaghetti to Mala Rosti with Ham, we just can't get enough of this deliciously spicy paste. 

Learn how to make Mala Paste

Not as hard to make as it looks, this addictive paste takes less than half an hour to make. Put it in your meatballs, your cakes or pasta, it's worth keeping a bottle full in your pantry for easy access anytime.


How To: Make Mala Paste

The spicy, mind numbing condiment that you need to have in your kitchen right now.

Love Mala? We Think This Article is Just for You.


10 Mad-About-Mala Recipes For All Spice Levels

Ah, the pleasure of the burn! Is there is anything quite as spicy as the devilish Sichuan peppercorn?

Recipes all about Mala We Love That We Know You Will Love too

Umami. Creamy. Flavourful. These mala infused dishes will know your tastebuds out with just how good and addictive they are. And we didn't skip out one of the most important parts of a meal too - we have mala desserts & breakfasts coming right for you.

Mala Breakfasts to Spice Up Your Day

The capsaicin (the chemical compound that makes spicy, spicy) in these dishes will guarantee 100% alertness and 100% knock-the-sleep out of you - nothing like the hot burn of good mala dishes to start your day. Make it a brunch with our Pancakes & Crispy Fried Chicken.


Mala Rosti with Ham

Rosti, a dish that many consider the national cuisine of Switzerland, is crisp on the outside and soft and creamy within. Traditionally, it is eaten with no other adornment but we decided that it is time to give this good ol’ recipe a shake-up with some ham and mala. Still, all you need is a handful of recipes to make a dish that is wonderful for breakfast, lunch and, yes, dinner!

Mala Pancakes with Crispy Fried Chicken

Give your brunch a spicy punch with our twist on the classic chicken and waffles dish, Asian Food Network’s Mala Pancakes with Crispy Fried Chicken! Pancakes, fluffy with a touch of heat, paired with the crispiest and crunchiest of chicken pieces and drizzled in sweet maple syrup. For those who can take the spice, feel free to douse it with mala powder!

Mala Recipes for Anytime of The Day

The classic Mala Xiang Guo deserves all the love, and so do our classic dishes with a mala twist. Umami, creamy soft shell crab laced with hints of spice, addictive spicy hot bursting meat balls - this is the mala zone and we have to warn you when we say you can't get enough of it.


Mala Xiang Guo

Get your family and friends’ heart racing with the devilish indulgence of Ma La Xiang Guo, a dish so spicy that it would both excite and numb your tongue in one bite. Originally from Northern China, this unique one-pot stir fry dish gets its heat from the liberal use of peppercorn and chilies, and incorporates a whole lot of healthy greens!

Mala Soft Shell Crab

Seafood lovers, you are in for a real treat because here is a special dish that you will want to get your claws on –the Mala Soft Shell Crab! For the uninitiated, soft shell crabs are actually regular hard shell crabs, just at a particular stage of growth. You can eat them whole and the meat inside is incredibly sweet, juicy and bursting with pure crab flavour. We recommend frying the marinated soft shell crab gently in the pan, but if you prefer a slightly healthier way, baking works too!

Mala Lamb Stew

A spicy twist on your traditional lamb stew, this sichuan mala lamb stew recipe is just what you need on a cold day - and it's easy to cook too.

Mala Chicken Steak

Tired of your classic dry-rubbed chicken? Well, you’re in for a treat because here we have a truly special dish with a spicy Asian twist –Mala Chicken Steak! With this dish, you have the same moist and tender chicken but this time, rubbed in a delicious marinate of homemade mala paste hua diao wine, garlic, ginger and sesame oil. We recommend to pair it with some baked and well-seasoned baby potatoes, made fragrant with a touch of rosemary.

Bursting Mala Meatballs Soup

Live for the full flavour and simplicity of this Bursting Mala Meatball Soup! Whether it is for guests or an easy weeknight dinner, this dish –juicy meatballs swimming in a wonderful concoction of red onions, fragrant herbs, and peppers -will surely impress. This makes a very filling and satisfying meal on its own or eaten with a bowl of rice to neutralise the heat!

Mala Seafood Cream Spaghetti

Delicious, creamy and packed with bold flavours, this Mala Seafood Cream Spaghetti has everything you love in pasta –spaghetti with fresh seafood and mushrooms covered in a rich creamy cheesy sauce! The best part of this dish? It is an ideal quick and easy dish great for a busy workday meal, and fancy enough impress at a dinner party.

Mala Desserts That Will Take Your Sweet Tooth to a Whole New (Spicy) Level

We couldn't skip out on dessert, and we definitely think these mala combos are better than your regular ol' sweet desserts. The extra numbing kick, the sweetness to cool the heat on your tongue, indulge yourselves. 


Mala Molten Lava Cake

Yes, you heard it right. Mala molten lava cake. The ooey, gooey chocolatey cake now spiced up with hints of mala, it's a mouthful of rich cakey goodness. Pair it with vanilla ice cream to calm your palette from the spicyness of the mala paste and cut the bitter sweet richness of the chocolate.

Mala Salted Caramel Popcorn

Spicy, salty with a taste of slightly burnt sugar, this Mala Salted Caramel Popcorn is so addictive that you will need to set the narcs on it! What more, it is incredibly fun to prepare –an orchestra of corn kernels popping, melting a sinful mix of butter, brown sugar and mala paste in a pot and dousing it all over the over the popcorn. The only thing left to do? Tuck yourself in with a good movie, and enjoy the popcorn!

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