• Serves 2 people
  • 1 bundle jajang noodles (boiled and strained)

  • 1 cup radish (cut into cubes)

  • 1 cup zucchini (cut into cubes)

  • 1½ cup onion (cut into small chunks)

  • 1 cup potato (peeled and cut into cubes)

  • 3 tbsp oil

  • ½ cup black bean paste

  • 2 tbsp of potato starch, combine with ¼ cup water and 1 tsp sugar, combine to make slurry

  • 1 tsp sesame oil

  • ½ cup cucumber (julienned)

  • 2 cups water (enough to cover stew)

  • 1 tbsp yellow preserved radish (for serving)

  • 2 tbsp thick onion wedge slices (for serving)

Recipe Courtesy of Asian Food Network


Did you know that the Koreans have a special dish to eat on Korean Black Day, a day where singles commiserate with each other? That dish is the JajangMyeon, which not coincidentally, is a noodle dish that looks rather black. The colour comes from the black bean sauce, which consists of salty black bean paste (or chunjang), diced pork and vegetables. Ladle a generous of that sauce over fresh Chinese yellow noodles and hey presto, you’ve got JajangMyeon!
  • Medium
  • 20 min
  • 30 min
  • 10 min
  • 3 steps
  • 13 Ingredients
  • Medium
  • 3 steps
  • 13 Ingredients
  • 20 min
  • 30 min
  • 10 min


  1. Fry the pork

    • Heat a deep pan with 1 tbsp oil and stir fry pork belly until golden brown and crispy.
    • Pour and drain out the excess fat in pan.
    Fry the pork

    Get Some Cookware!

  2. Fry the vegetables

    • Add radish and fry for 1 minute
    • Add potato, onion and zucchini and fry for another 3 minutes until potato looks translucent.

  3. Fry the bean paste and jajang sauce

    • Push ingredients to side edges of pan and add 2 tbsp oil to centre of pan, then add black bean paste and stir fry the paste.
    • Then mix everything in the pan and keep stirring until well combined.
    • Add water and let it cook with lid closed until the radish and potatoes have softened.
    • Add the starch slurry little by little, keep stirring until the it thickens.
    • Remove from heat and add sesame oil
    Fry the bean paste and jajang sauce

Garnish and Serve!

Line cooked noodles in the bowl. Top it with the jajang sauce. Garnish with julienned cucumber.  Serve with pickled radish and onion slices.

Garnish and Serve!


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