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Ayam Gulai

If you have a hankering for curry chicken, this is the quintessential dish. Originating from Indonesia with variations in Malaysia and Singapore, the Gulai Ayam is an aromatic curry that is deceptively easy and quick to make. First -the rempah, or spice paste, which a blend of Southeast Asian spices and herbs that is fried quickly until fragrant. Then toss in the chicken, lemongrass, add coconut milk, simmer till the gravy thickens and ta-dah! Serve with rice or bread.

Ayam Penyet

If you love chicken, why would you smash it? The only justifiable reason is to create this unique Asian dish from Java, Indonesia that has spread across Asia and is getting popular across the world as well. A crispy yet tender chicken dish that is quick, easy, and served with a delicious chili paste so you can spice it up to your liking. Best served with steamed rice and usually complemented with simple Indonesian sides including fried tempe (soy protein).

Ayam Panggang Kecap

There’s so many wonderful ways to enjoy chicken, and this Indonesian-style Soy Sauce Grilled Chicken is an easy chicken dish for busy weekday nights. That sweet and spicy sauce that you’ve spread generously over the chicken will beautifully caramelize in the oven, leaving you with a slightly charred sticky coat of absolute deliciousness. Eat it on its own or with a bowl of rice for a satisfying meal.

Ayam Betutu

Well known for its bustling night scene and beach clubs, is it any wonder that the Ayam Betutu, Balinese-style roasted chicken, is a dish excites the senses? The queen of this dish is the chicken –lovingly rubbed down with Base Gede, a spice paste made ofchili and a range of fragrant Southeast Asian herbs, and stuffed with cassava leaves. It is first browned, then bundled tightly with a Staghorn Fern leaf in banana leaves before it is popped into the oven for two hours. The result is the most succulent and aromatic chicken that you will serve with rice and some fried sambal.

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Ayam Goreng Serundeng Khas Bandung (Serundeng Fried Chicken)

Ayam Goreng Serundeng Khas Bandung, or Serundeng Fried Chicken is a popular dish originating from Bandung. This delicious chicken is enhanced by serundeng, which is sauteed grated coconut with spices. The use of spices to braise the chicken gives it a taste and aroma that would please even the most fussy connoisseurs. For those who can’t resist the heat of chilli, this dish is a perfect match to enjoy with a bowl or two, of steamed rice.

Ayam Pok Pok Sambal Korek

Ayam Pok Pok Sambal Korek is an Indonesian dish made of small, bite-sized fried chicken served with a side of spicy homemade chili sauce. Chicken fillet is cut into cubes before they are coated with a flavorful batter and flour, and fried until crispy golden brown. Eat it on its own as a snack with sambal korek, or with rice for a more filling meal.

Ayam Garo Rica (Spicy Garo Chicken)

Ayam Garo Rica is a spicy chicken dish from Manado, Sulawesi. Cuisine from this region is famous for being super spicy, and Ayam Garo Rica is no different. The rich aroma, and the heat from the chilies enhance the chicken and the sauce. Steaming rice helps tone down the spiciness of the chilies.

Ayam Goreng Cabe Ijo (Fried Chicken with Green Chili)

Ayam Goreng Cabe Ijo is a typical Indonesian dish from Padang, Sumatra. It combines juicy fried chicken with a spicy sauce made from green chilies to create a lovely dish which is bound to tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy it with warm rice and other side dishes for a complete meal.

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Bakso Goreng (Chicken Meatballs)

Bakso is enjoyed by everyone in Indonesia, and is rapidly picking up in many other countries. These flavor packed meatballs can be eaten as a snack, or in soups, or used as an ingredient in many different dishes. Bakso is simple to make and the current trend is Bakso Goreng, which is fried meatballs. A whole slew of new recipes to explore with Bakso Goreng as a base ingredient!

Sate Taican

Unlike other traditional sate found in Indonesia, Sate Taichan is grilled without the usual soy sauce glaze, and served without their signature peanut sauce. Marinated with simple ingredients for a savory taste, these meat skewers are paired with a side of zesty sambal instead.

Serundeng Ayam Suwir (Serundeng Spicy Shredded Chicken)

Serundeng Ayam Suwir is one of the most popular side dishes in Indonesia. It is made with shredded chicken and roasted grated coconut, and enhanced by the herbs and spices. Serundeng itself is an Indonesian condiment, and it may taste sweet, or hot and spicy depending on the recipe used. It can be eaten plain with rice, or combined with other ingredients like the chicken in this recipe.

Lemper Ayam (Shredded Chicken Glutinous Rice)

Lemper is a famous Indonesian snack made from sticky rice. There is usually shredded or minced chicken inside this warm, banana leaf-wrapped treat. Creamy coconut milk and lemongrass gives this treat a sweet aftertaste and aroma, and sinking your teeth through the warm, sticky glutinous rice to reach the richly flavored chicken makes all that prep work worthwhile. Make it for a weekend treat for the family or as a party snack – we bet these delicious Lemper Ayam will be gone in no time!

Spiced chicken feet, offal, and more tasty parts 


Ceker Geprek

A common delicacy across Asia, Ceker or chicken feet is no doubt, a local favorite. This Indonesian recipe for Ceker Geprek involves frying the chicken feet after it has been boiled and seasoned, resulting in a distinctly addictive texture, which is crispy and gelatinous at the same time. Paired with a raw chili and oil mixture for a spicy kick, it can be eaten on its own as a snack or with rice.

Oseng Usus Ayam (Stir-Fried Chicken Intestines)

Oseng Usus Ayam is stir-fried chicken intestines. Although that might sound unappealing, stir-fried chicken intestines have a distinctive chewy taste that is enticing if given a try. What's more is, when combined with spices, it's guaranteed to provide an interesting culinary treat. So for those who are more adventurous, try cooking Oseng Usus Ayam at home. Exploration of culinary experiences often brings pleasant surprises!

Serundeng Ati Ampela (Serundeng Chicken Offal)

Serundeng Ati Ampela is a dish made from chicken offal, namely chicken liver and gizzard. Serundeng is an Indonesian condiment, which is made from sautéed grated coconut mixed with spices and other ingredients, and is often used as a side dish or condiment to accompany rice. Serundeng may taste sweet, or hot and spicy according to the recipe, and in this recipe, it enhances the flavor of the chicken offal to tantalizing delights.

Ceker Mercon

Gelatinous chicken feet served in a spicy chili sauce, Ceker Mercon is an Indonesian dish known for its fiery taste. The name itself is derived from the explosive flavors of the sauce, which many have compared to having fireworks in their mouths upon consumption. Be sure to have a refreshing drink on stand by to cool you down when snacking on this delicious treat.

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Kari Ayam (Indonesian Chicken Curry)

Although originally from India, curry has spread worldwide with countries adapting it to their own traditional tastes. Indonesia’s twist on curry is Kari Ayam, made of tender chicken cooked in a creamy broth full of fragrant spices like turmeric, cumin and galangal. If you are looking for a flavorful and spicy dish, Kari Ayam is for you.

Ayam Bumbu Kuning Kemangi

Tender juicy morsels of chicken served in a creamy yellow broth, Ayam Bumbu Kuning Kemangi is just the dish you need for a comforting lunch. This delicious Indonesian dish teases the taste buds with perfectly seasoned chicken and a flavorful soup that is rich in spices. Enjoy a hot bowl on a cool day to warm your belly and soul.

Ayam Bumbu Rajang (Indonesian Lombok Spicy Chicken)

Spice up your meals with this Indonesian chicken dish! Commonly found in Lombok, Ayam Bumbu Rajang serves up tender juicy chicken with a mean gravy packed with lots of heat from the chili and cayenne pepper. Made with a blend of fragrant spices, it gives off an enticing aroma that is guaranteed to make your mouth water. Enjoy this spicy dish with warm rice to offset the heat!

Semur Ayam (Indonesian Chicken Stew)

Semur or smoor in Dutch, is a stew dish that is a must have during the festive season. This wholesome, earthy dish is commonly made using beef but this recipe is a variation of the traditional dish, and uses chicken instead. Tuck into a good Semur, with its perfect balance of savouriness and sweetness that comes from using Indonesian sweet soy sauce, and delicious crunch from the fried shallots that deck this festive treat.

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