Yuda Bustara
Yuda Bustara

The graduate of Taylor’s College School of Hospitality Tourism in Malaysia, Yuda has worked at the Crown Casino Hotel in Melbourne and few others fine dining and bistro in Malaysia, he ended up back to Jakarta to help his father's vegan restaurant and is currently a Culinary Diplomat of Indonesia and host of Urban Cook show as well as a cooking instructor in few Cooking School in Asia. With other renowned chefs, Arimbi Nimpuno and Putri Miranti, the 30-year-old runs Tree Food Concept, a private dining service. His personal mission is to educate Indonesian to cook simple, healthy and yummy everyday food

He is the host of Iron Chef Indonesia, Urban Cook in AFN and his easy to follow recipes on YouTube “Yuda Bustara Kitchen” 

Christmas with Yuda

Get cooking this Christmas with Yuda! A delicious 3 course meal, savoury mentai rice & deliciously easy croissant waffles.


Brulee Bomb (Dutch Potato Balls)

Brulee Bomb is the Indonesian equivalent of a Dutch meatball known as Bitterballen. Traditionally served as a bar snack, these croquettes make for the perfect bite-sized finger food at your holiday party. My version of these deep fried delights only needs a few ingredients to make - perfect if you’re hosting a party on a budget. Coated in panko breadcrumbs, its crispy exterior makes way for a gooey cheesy potato centre which simply oozes out once you take a bite. Enjoy a burst of rich savoury flavours each time you pop it in your mouth.

Salmon Kama Mentai Rice (Seared Salmon Bowl)

A popular item in any Japanese restaurant, Salmon Kama Mentai Rice is actually really fast and easy to make at home. It’s one of my favourites because with just a few ingredients and just 20 minutes of your time, it’s a simple budget-friendly option for your holiday party menu. Thinly sliced salmon served on top of a bed of rice, it is covered with spicy tobiko mayo sauce which is then torched, creating a deliciously creamy yet smoky flavour that the dish is known for. If you don’t have a blowtorch, I suggest cooking it in an air fryer or oven on a broiler setting to get a similar texture and taste.

Croissant Waffles

A Korean café staple that has gone viral globally, Croissant Waffle or Croffle will make a trendy addition to your holiday menu. Best part is that you only need 20 minutes and 3 ingredients to make it. Essentially a croissant in the form of a waffle, this fuss free dessert is also really versatile. While my recipe uses hazelnut or chocolate spread, and fresh strawberries as toppings, you can choose to pair it with other sauces and fruits of your choice. If you don’t have a waffle maker, you can also use a toaster press or panini press with a griddle attachment - you might not get the signature waffle shape, but it’s hard to complain once you get a taste of the rich buttery crust.

Strawberry Cheesekut

Made from a simple combination of cream cheese and biscuits, this popular no-bake dessert is all the rage in Malaysia. While I’ve never tried this viral dish, I decided to recreate the Strawberry Cheesekut and was surprised at how amazing it tastes. All you need to do is mix the cheese with fresh milk and condensed milk before layering it with milk-soaked biscuits and strawberry jam. Let it cool in the fridge and top it off fresh strawberries before serving to brighten up the look and flavour. Creamy with a bit of crunch, this dessert offers a sweet ending to your holiday meal.

Javanese Sayur Lodeh

Javanese style Sayur Lodeh, is a braised vegetable soup from Java island, commonly using coconut milk, my recipe would be SANTAN FREE yes FREE OF COCONUT MILK, I’ll add stinky beans, smoked fish and melinjo leaves to make it more authentic, it will be creamy without any coconut

Cat Tongue Cookies (Lidah Kucing)

What a cute name for a cookie treat! Lidah Kucing, lady finger cookies or cat tongue cookies are shaped like cat tongues and really easy to whip up. Texture wise, it is similar to French Tuile Cookies but more cakey. These biscuits are commonly served during Hari Raya, and are a huge hit among kids. Sprinkle some hundreds and thousands on it or even dip it in chocolate before adding sprinkles for a dash of color. We are definitely addicted to its buttery crunch!

Sticky Date Pudding

Sticky date pudding always brings to mind the heavenly butterscotch drizzle and vanilla ice cream over a sticky warm pudding. You don’t have to head to a fancy restaurant to recreate this –we’ve got you covered with our homemade recipe below. Dates are naturally sweet (they are a source of fructose), so you can definitely add less sugar or even go without. You can also replace the sugar with molasses or honey to give it an even stickier texture. It’s one of our absolute favourite desserts –so give it a try!

Healthy Pineapple Tarts (Nastar Sehat)

Who doesn’t love the gooey, sweet, sticky pineapple tarts? We can literally pop them by the dozen if no one is watching. Nastar Sehat or Pineapple tarts have been a staple dessert snack during Hari Raya and Chinese New Year. This version of Healthy Pineapple Tarts uses less sugar in both the cookies and pineapple paste while retaining the yummy, melt-in-your-mouth base and lightly spiced topping. Make it a fun family affair by getting the kids to help shape the base into circles, flowers or heart shapes to hold the pineapple paste. Just make sure they are about the same size for baking evenly.

Moss Jelly (Puding Lumut Mentega)

With its beautiful emerald green exterior, Moss Jelly or Puding Lumut Mentega is sure to be a star attraction on your dessert table. Most often served during Ramadan in Indonesia, this dual-layered custard jelly is delightfully creamy and is actually made out of refreshing veggies. It’s a really stealthy way to sneak some fresh cucumber and bean sprouts into snacks for the kids and adults alike. Grab a piece before it disappears from the table!

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