Phol Tantasathien
Phol Tantasathien

"Cooking is more than just a hobby to me. I started pursuing culinary art when I realized that there is more to food than just filling my stomach. I love feeding my friends, family, and myself with not only food, but with the knowledge and experience from other mavericks just like me. 

My career actually began in the marketing industry, before I entered the entertainment business where I acted in tv soap operas, became a singer, show host, and finally, a writer. It was there, as a food columnist for Thailand's travel magazine, where I caught a glimpse of the culinary world. I wholeheartedly indulged myself in culinary training to fill my passion. Soon, I became the first ambassador of Le Cordon Bleu Dusit and even released a number of books.

Now, I'm a host and producer of a cooking show, “Pholfoodmafia” and love creating food content across platforms." 

Follow Chef Phol's culinary adventures on all socials @pholfoodmafia or

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