Matthias Rhoads
Matthias Rhoads

“When other kids in the US were eating pizza and burgers, I was eating oxtail slow braised in a peanut butter sauce with bok choy, banana blossom and shrimp paste. Sounds foreign to you? Well, when you have a Filipino mother –you learn to love such food. But it wasn’t always like this. I remember being afraid of the staple Filipino meal – sweet meat in an oily stew and rice. But over time, I learnt that when you eat spit-roasted pig dipped in liver sauce, the best bit is the crunchy skin. And that sweet meat in oily stew and rice is delicious. But I’m not done eating yet.

Now based in the Philippines, I’m sniffing out unique flavour explosions that can only be found here. Watch my videos, read my articles -join me on AFN, as I explore the beautiful food of the Philippines.”

Matthias Rhoads, also known as PHoodDude, is an actor turned food journalist based in the Philippines. 


Matthias Rhoads: Apocalyptic Canned Gourmet Pasta

Gourmet pasta you can make with supplies you have in your kitchen, no prep needed.

A Deliciously Festive Time: Celebrating Chinese New Year in Vancouver and Hong Kong

There were the delicious Cantonese roast meats- juicy duck, white cut chicken, crispy skin pork, and steamed fish- my all-time favorite. In Vancouver, it was always a gorgeous meaty rock cod, a local catch. The flesh was bright white, firm and dense (it was a cold water fish –we were in Canada, afterall), and was always steamed in the classic Cantonese way. That's with scallions, julienned ginger, soy, cilantro and more scallions sprinkled on top. A final drizzle of hot oil brought out its perfume.

Wow! Series with Matthias Rhoads

Wow Series

Wow! Philippines: Piaya

What’s crunchy on the outside, and meltingly sweet all over? Well the name’s Piaya, a Filipino pancake that’s packed with muscovado, or roasted sugarcane that’s a delicious delicacy in Silay city. Take a bite of that just offthe Philippine sugar capital of Bacolod, right at the attractive heritage zone of Balay Puti.

Wow! Philippines: Hamon De Bola

When it comes to the eve of Christmas in Philippines, also known as Noche Buena, Hamon de Bola is a definite must-have on the Christmas table.

Wow! Philippines: Puchero

Pochero, or Puchero, call it by either name, but one thing’s the same –it’s a deeply aromatic beef stew bursting with tomato goodness. It first came to the Philippines from the Spanish colonial masters but quickly become deliciously cooked across kitchens in the country. And this one’s fantastic, especially when eaten in the gorgeous natural ambience of Silay city’s heritage zone of Balay Puti.

Wow! Philippines: Empanada

It’s not a curry puff, but it’s quite close really. Known as Empanada, you’ll want to grab a hot one at Emma Lacson’s Delicacies, where it’s made to secret perfection. A flaky, crossiant-like shell wraps tasty meat, egg, raisins and more. It’s said you won’t just stop at one.
Wow Series

Wow! Philippines: Chicken Relleno

When the Philippines celebrates Christmas, they cannot go without the Chicken Relleno. A golden crispy chicken that’s first deboned then stuffed with a blend of lip-smacking meat and sweet fruits like raisins. Served cold or hot, it’s delicious all year-round, especially at Christmas at the trendy city of Makati’s Romulo Café.

Wow! Philippines: Cansi

If you’re struck by a hunger for hot beef stew, you’ll want to be at Sharyn’s Cansi House, just an hour flight from the Philippine capital of Manila. The deliciously sour beef shank soup appeals with its fragrant sourness and acidity. But that’s not its only flavour. Poke into a juicy sweet bone marrow and the star, meltingly tender beef shank.

Wow! Philippines: Chicken Inasal

The Philippine city of Bacalod, just off Manila, is known for Chicken Inasal, an addictively tangy grilled chicken.

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