Debbie Wong
Debbie Wong

“To understand the food I love, you have to understand where I’m from - and that answer is long. Growing up in the immigrant cities of Hong Kong and Vancouver, I would eat everything from aloo gobi, bun bo hue, pasta puttanesca, larbgai, onigiri, and clay pot rice all in one week. My Canadian high school had a boba tea delivery service at lunch, and my family had fried rice with our turkey at Thanksgiving. Having spent the last decade in New York, Montreal, Shanghai, and San Francisco, my cooking is globally inspired, and easy-to-make twists on classics. That means less time at the stove, and more time connecting. So save my recipes, and follow me on Asian Food Network as I rediscover my roots in Hong Kong and reveal the people and food of this international city. How about you, where are you from?”

Debbie Wong is self-taught cook and classically trained actor based in Hong Kong. She is the host of Food Wars Asia, Kitchen Quickies, and her ongoing international culinary series on YouTube -Debbie Wong’s Wok and Gong

Deliciousness with Debbie Wong

Debbie Wong

Deliciousness with Debbie Wong

Follow Debbie Wong as she finds the best places to eat and be at in Japan, discovering what you can make with Ben Imo - Okinawan Sweet Potato.

Deliciousness with Debbie Wong: Udunyama Soba Noodles

Rain or shine, there's always a line at Udunyama Soba Noodles in Okinawa. A bowl of soba noodles here begins with an irresistable boil of fatty pork broth soup and rich, chewy udon made of wood ash and buckwheat flour. If you're already licking your lips, then slurp up and taste the terrific bowl of wonder.

Deliciousness with Debbie Wong: Daichi Hotel Japan

If you're hit by a hunger only a buffet can satisfy, you'll want to be here at the Okinawan Daichii Hotel. In the morning, begin with a spread of delicious dishes using ingredients grown in Okinawan nature - its strong sun, wind and earth are pumped with nutrients that makes the first meal of day a breakfast for champions.

A Deliciously Festive Time: Celebrating Chinese New Year in Vancouver and Hong Kong

There were the delicious Cantonese roast meats- juicy duck, white cut chicken, crispy skin pork, and steamed fish- my all-time favorite. In Vancouver, it was always a gorgeous meaty rock cod, a local catch. The flesh was bright white, firm and dense (it was a cold water fish –we were in Canada, afterall), and was always steamed in the classic Cantonese way. That's with scallions, julienned ginger, soy, cilantro and more scallions sprinkled on top. A final drizzle of hot oil brought out its perfume.

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