Charlotte Mei
Charlotte Mei

"Though I have French and Chinese roots, both known for their rich culinary heritage, I was never interested in food as a kid. Then came my teenage years when mum cancelled my favourite channels, so I turned to cooking programmes instead! These shows became a huge influence in fueling my passion for food, and taught me basic skills in the kitchen. In my role as a nutritionist today, my mission is to get people back into the kitchen and be interested in the food they eat. I believe that we eat to feed our tummies; but more importantly, we eat to feed our soul, so there is absolutely room for happy treats in our diet! Join me on AFN –watch my videos, save my recipes –as I share tips and easy-to-make recipes to eat well and maintain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. PS, my happy food: Sara Lee pound cake! What’s yours?" 

Charlotte Mei is a nutritionist and self-taught cook based in Singapore. She frequently cooks up nutritious, delicious dishes - and the occasional indulgent treat too! 


Top 10 Realistic Tips for a Healthy Festive Chinese New Year

From proper planning before the festivities, to playing Charades during home-visits and repurposing delicious CNY leftovers - here are 10 easy, and very doable tips to keep you happy and healthy this Chinese New Year.

Powerful Immunity-Boosting Foods for Flu-Free Days

What you put on your plate is important in keeping you strong and healthy, especially in flu season. From green veg to ginger and garlic, we've got some powerfully simple foods to keep your immunity strong and functioning well to ward off colds and flus. It's time for a grocery trip!
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