Anton Amoncio

I love one thing more than cooking, and that is to eat. Also an avid gamer, I love to sing while cooking. Anton Amoncio is the winner of the Asian Food Channel's Food Hero competition back in 2016, and is a Filipino chef and restaurateur.

Follow his culinary adventures on all socials @antonamoncio

Celebrating Chinese New Year in the Philippines: From Food to Festivities

As a kid, I looked forward to only three occasions in a year – my birthday, Christmas and Chinese New Year. As a Filipino-Chinese who grew up in a tight-knit Chinese community in Metro Manila, Chinese New Year is one occasion that's always celebrated with great enthusiasm and reverence.

Home Cooked Philippines with Anton Amoncio: Beef Kaldereta

All in a pot, this Filipino Beef Kaldereta's simmered to perfect tenderness, then sizzled with spices of bay leaves and a magic liver spread that will make you an instant addict.

Home Cooked Philippines with Anton Amoncio: Bicol Express

Not to be mistaken for the name of a train - Bicol Express, straight from Manila, is an intensely stewed coconut-milk pork belly dish that really is just heaven in a bowl.

Home Cooked Philippines with Anton Amoncio: Chicken & Pork Adobo

It's believed that no two Filipinos cook Adobo the same way. What’s true though, is that this vinegared chicken and juicy pork belly recipe is lip-smackingly tasty and a delicious double-act!

Home Cooked Philippines: Sopas

If you think your chicken noodle soup's too basic, try dropping plump smokey sausages in it. Then, you'll see why this Filipino Sopas recipe is the only chicken noodle soup recipe you'll ever need.
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