Ann & Sherson Lian

Learn how to cook delicious, comforting dishes with Ann & Sherson! AFN's favourite mother & son duo is back in the kitchen, bringing tasty, home cooked recipes that you can recreate on your own too.

Celebrate Lunar New Year with Ann & Sherson with Comforting Recipes


Almond Pudding with Snow Fungus & Goji Berries

Sweet dessert soups are often a favorite for many people as they’re not only refreshing but also full of healthy herbs and ingredients. Ann’s Almond Pudding with Snow Fungus and Goji Berries is an innovative twist on a sweet Chinese dessert soup turned into a pudding. Silky soft with a bit of bite from the goji berries and chopped almond bits, it’s great for tea time or even as a post-meal treat at a festive Chinese New Year gathering.

Deep Fried Prawns with Yam

Impress your loved ones this Chinese New Year with a restaurant quality dish that can be easily replicated at home with little effort to prepare. Inspired by the classic Yam Basket, Ann creates a unique seafood recipe where she fries prawns in a batter made of yam paste instead of the usual flour. These Deep Fried Prawns with Yam is as yummy as it sounds, offering a satisfying crunch that gives way to a savory juicy prawn with every bite.

Salt Baked Fish

Fish lovers rejoice! This Salt Baked Fish by Sherson Lian is sure to whet your appetite with its fresh savory flavors and gorgeous presentation. Baking the whole fish in a thick salt crust allows it to be evenly and gently cooked in the oven, resulting in a dish that’s delicious, simple and juicy. A feast for the senses, this fish would make an eye-catching main for festive gatherings including Chinese New Year reunion dinner.

Five Spice Stewed Duck

There can never be enough ways to cook poultry and this time, Ann impresses with a lovely Five Spice Stewed Duck. For those wary of cooking duck, this foolproof recipe will set you on the right track. With all the cooking being done in one pot, the duck is stewed in a broth that has been seasoned with bold Chinese flavors. This results in a deliciously savory dish that is worthy of a spot on your Chinese New Year reunion dinner table.

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