Asian Food Network Social Media House Rules

Hello and welcome to the Asian Food Network Facebook Page! This is your hub for all things Asian; food, culture, and travel so feel free to share some of your recipes, reviews, tips, and tricks!

While we’re here, here some guidelines to bear in mind:

1) Please be respectful of each other and keep responses and opinions positive. We do not tolerate bullying, slurs, hate speech, and the likes.

2) Do keep all topics about Asian Food, Culture, and Travel. We will love it even more if you share content from our AFN website!

3) Do not spam the page with promotions or other non-related content, including links to personal groups or pages. Page admins will delete these posts and you may be banned if you continue to spam.

4) Do not post false facts about food, culture, travel, and people. This includes all memes, infographics, opinions, etc. It's wonderful to share something that's funny with the group, but we do not tolerate spreading untrue statements about these topics. If you have a question about a post, please message an admin.

5) There are many places to express your political views; this is not one of them.

6) Need to contact an admin? Feel free to message us to reach out at


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