Three Ways to Cook Chicken Breast and Have Them Tender Like a Pro

Chicken, one of the most versatile meats you could find. Almost every part of the chicken is used in cooking. It's also one of the easiest meats to cook. Also, one of the easiest to overcook. Here, we show you three methods on how to ace tender chicken.

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How To: Cook Tender Chicken Breast

A tldw (too long don't watch) on how to cook chicken breast three ways: 


Using a central heat source, pan-frying may cause the meat to cook at uneven temperatures, so tenderising and flattening the meat to equal thickness helps for a more even cook-consistency. 

If you fancy a healthy meal, season with just salt and pepper for a (still) flavourful chicken breast. 

Cook Time: The fastest cook time out of all the three methods, it just takes 7 minutes (or till golden brown) for this succulent, tasty pan-fried chicken breast.


Essentially simmering in a small amount of water, fully submerge your chicken breast at room temperature water, then cook on medium heat for 25 minutes for tender chicken. 

Pro Tip: Ginger helps tenderise meat, so be sure to add salt, ginger and garlic when poaching your chicken breast for a tender and flavourful protein.


Possibly the most watery of all three (and longest), steamed chicken traps in its moisture, making for a tender chicken breast.

Season in soy sauce and cornflour and marinate for 2 hours before cooking on medium heat for 10 minutes. 

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