Eid Eats

Knowing what to eat during fasting month is important, to keep your strengths up during the day Datespeanut butteroatmeal and bananas are much loved staples. And no wonder - these foods are packed with sweetness that satisfy all cravings, and are filling enough for you to last the whole day. Oats especially, being a slow release food. 

This ramadan, break fast with us. 

Sahur Delights

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day during the fasting month. And a good sahur meal means a dish that's filled with good carbs, protein-packed and nutrients to keep up your strength and energise you throughout the day during  the fasting month. And the best foods happen to be the easiest and simplest to make.  Here, we have  our top delicious sahur breakfasts you will need during this fasting month. 


Bubur Lambuk

We've all enjoyed a bowl of Cantonese porridge, but did you know that there's an equally delicious Malay porridge counterpart? Bubur Lambuk is a common staple during the fasting month of Ramadhan -mosques can usually be seen distributing containers of the spiced, meaty congee. While Cantonese porridge comes with a multitude of side dishes to complement it, Bubur Lambuk has all the workings in it -vegetables, beef and lifting cardamom, cumin and cloves. For us, it’s the ultimate comfort food that's easy on your stomach during the fasting month.

Sweet and Savoury Date Omelette

Let's face it, come the fasting month of Ramadan, you're bound to have more than enough dates at your disposal. We're talking about medjool dates here by the way, not the ones you find on Tinder. If you're looking for something to up your intake of protein for the day, infuse the slow energy releasing properties of Medjool dates with protein-packed eggs into one sweet and savoury omelette. The double-act of sweetness from dates and savouriness of eggs will leave your tastebuds dancing! This omelette is best served with a side of toasted bread or salad.

Canned Tuna Roti John

Think Asian style French toast! This Tuna Roti John is quick to put together –all you need is a can of your favourite tuna, some eggs and bread. Roti John is unique to Southeast Asia, and is considered a hamburger alternative sometimes. The fluffy hot dog bun absorbs the grease, spices and sauces so well, it’s often a street food favorite at your local pasar malam (flea market). It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a snack to share!

Heavenly Sweet and Spiced Lempeng Bawang

Almost every culture in the world has their own version of the quintessential pancake -there's the Korean Hotteok, the Indonesian Martabak and the Piaya from the Philippines. For the Malays, there's Lempeng Bawang. Traditionally served in Malay households for breakfast, the Lempeng Bawang is made with sliced red onions and chopped green onions. Turmeric powder is added fora bit of sunshine before being served with sugar or honey-a thoroughly delightfully sweet and savoury pancake. If you're using sugar, here's a tip -serve the pancakes piping hot and the sugar will melt into sweet syrupy goodness. Yum.
Under 60 mins

Bubur Manado

I don’t think I’ve had porridge as nutritious as Manadonese style porridge. Also known as Bubur Manado or Tinutuan, this Indonesian congee is filled with fiber - with its nutritious mix of rice, sweet potato, sweet corn, spinach and kale. To enjoy it the way the locals do, pair it with salted fish and sambal for a traditionally wholesome breakfast.

Date Shake

Healthy. Nutritious. Energetic. Delicious.

Egg Curry

A savory dish that elevates the simple hard-boiled egg into a spicy, tasty curry. Made from a fragrant blend of spices and aromatics like garlic, ginger, mustard seeds, turmeric, cumin and coriander powder, the gravy gets its fiery red color from the fresh tomato puree and chili powder. Filled with authentic Indian flavors, this fuss-free Egg Curry is a great addition to your dinner table and is best eaten with a bowl of rice or flatbreads such as naan or prata.

Coconut Pancakes with Gula Melaka Drizzle

Who doesn't love a good fluffy pancake! Pancake for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, there's always space for pancakes. Adding a local twist to old fashion buttermilk pancakes, we have a Coconut Pancakes with Gula Melaka Drizzle recipe for you! The addition of coconut oil, coconut milk, and palm sugar ensures that there's a hint of coconut flavor in every bite. Drizzle Gula Melaka syrup at the end and sprinkle some sea salt if you like! Remember to serve the Coconut Pancakes hot too!

Break Fast with Us 

As essential as Sahur, breaking fast concludes the day's fasting. And what better way to break fast than with some of the best, heartiest and flavour packed dishes from Asian Food Network. Here are our top picks of the heartiest recipes for breaking fast, guaranteed to satisfy any cravings or hunger pangs. Addictive and delicious, you won't want to stop making them all through the fasting month.


Ayam Balado

The Ayam Balado is a spicy Indonesian dish made of succulent chicken, tomatoes and fragrant lemongrass. The key to a delicious plate of Ayam Balado lies in its paste –Balado, a fragrant chilli sambal made simply from a blend of shallots, chili, garlic and lime leaves. If you like your chicken extra tender, try using chicken legs! Serve it warm and with a hot bowl of rice

Ayam Masak Lemak

Love curry? Have you heard of Ayam Masak Lemak? This popular Malaysian dish translates to ‘chicken in turmeric coconut curry’ and is thought to have originated from Sri Lanka. Today, you can find this dish at various restaurants, cafes and even hawker centres in Southeast Asia.

Johor Laksa

A unique fusion of east and west, this rendition of a traditional Malaysian curry noodle features spaghetti noodles and coconut milk, which gives a creamier texture.

Ayam Masak Kicap

First deep-fried then simmered to get a caramel brown soy sauce glaze running with fried garlic bits, all infused expertly to a deep-fried chicken.
Under 60 mins

Traditional Nasi Lemak with Sambal Ikan Bilis

Fluffy white rice cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaves for a satisfyingly rich flavor, Nasi Lemak is a local favorite in Malaysia and Singapore. While it is traditionally eaten for breakfast, it can also be enjoyed throughout the day with fried chicken or fish, eggs, ikan bilis (dried anchovies) and peanuts. In this recipe, I’ve cooked up a batch of homemade Sambal Ikan Bilis to go with the Nasi Lemak. The secret to a good Sambal Ikan Bilis is to add the ikan bilis last, so that it remains fresh and crispy!

Nasi Campur Bali

Nasi Campur Bali is a humble Balinese dish which is affordable and available in most eateries across the island. Consisting of white rice served with various traditional side dishes, including shredded chicken, minced chicken skewers (Sate Lilit), and Balinese vegetable salad (Urab), it is usually eaten with their famous raw sambal (Sambal Matah) for a touch of heat. Indulge in the flavours of Bali with this wholesome recipe. With an array of dishes available, it is best enjoyed and shared for dinner with a large group.

Indonesian Nasi Goreng

Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng) is one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia and across Asia for a very good reason. Quick, flavorful, authentic, and works at all hours from breakfast all the way up to after a late night out. It can also be customised with any meat or vegetables, with chicken being one of the most popular. The fried blended chili paste (sambal goreng) method is what makes our Indonesian Fried Rice (Nasi Goreng) with Chicken the quickest, easiest and most delicious ultimate Asian comfort food.

Roti Jala and Chicken Curry

Roti Jala, a tasty curry-spiced net-like crepe, is a must-have in the family during Ramadan meals of Iftar and Sahur. Now, this one’s a gluten-free version that uses liquid aminos in place of soy sauce. In all under half an hour, make this perfectly paired spicy curry to satisfy your Malaysian taste buds.

Kuehs & Cookies 

We might not be going big on visiting our relatives this year but that shouldn't stop us from making and munching on some delicious kuehs (traditional bite size desserts) and cookies. Here are our favourites that are easy to create in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Above 60 mins

Kueh Bingka

Feeling peckish for a mid-afternoon sweet treat? This much-loved baked tapioca cake is distinct in its flavour and crumb, and tapioca or cassava flour provides the soft, gooey texture that we all love in traditional Peranakan goodies. Coconut milk gives this dessert a touch of creaminess too. A buttery ‘crust’ is what tops off the perfect Kueh Bingka, so don’t take it out of the oven until it’s forms an even caramelised top!

Cornflakes Cookies

Cornflakes and cookies? Can’t go wrong with this crunchy combination! Sweet buttery treats topped with crispy golden flakes, Cornflakes Cookies are great for any festive occasion. Bake a batch in under 40 minutes with just 6 ingredients for the perfect Chinese New Year snack. Remember to keep them in air-tight containers to maintain the optimum crunch.

Toothsome Milo Krispies Cookies

Milo Krispies Cookies are exactly what you imagine -milo cookie chunks that are at once sweet, malty, and crisp. Chocolately malt milo, tiny rice puffs and chewy cookie dough combine in the air-fryer to make an addictive snack that’s completely oil-free. Drizzle your freshly made snacks with chocolate or sprinkle hundreds and thousands for extra colour.

Salted Egg Almond Cups

There’s just something about almond and salted egg that reminds you of Chinese New Year, and with these two ingredients, I’ve made these delicious Salted Egg Almond Cups to celebrate the festive season. This is my take on gooey meringue cookies with a gluten-free and Asian twist. Crunchy and super addictive, these sweet treats are best eaten fresh out of the oven.

Coconut Milk with Corn and Boba

A versatile dessert that can be served hot and cold; drank from a cup or sipped from a bowl, the Coconut Milk with Corn and Boba is a tasty treat for the young and old. Enjoy the creaminess of the coconut with the delightful sweetness of corn and sago pearls. Best served with a touch of mint leaves and sesame seeds!

Bite-sized Curry Flavored Crunchy Mi

Remember the childhood days where we walked home with packs of Mamee monster noodles in our hands? Some of us like to crush it up before eating and others like to eat it as a huge piece. This Curry Flavored Crunchy Mi brings back those good old days, albeit a bit healthier as these golden brown tangles are air-fried (aka no oil) instead of deep-fried (aka with oil). You can flavour them as you like but we love the spicy curry taste best on these crunchy noodle balls.

Avocado Dalgona

Dalgona coffee is a beverage made by whipping equal proportions of instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water until it becomes creamy. Then adding it to cold or hot milk. Occasionally, it is topped with coffee powder, cocoa, crumbled biscuits, or honey. This time, we are sharing a signature style, using Avocado to the mix

Delectable Chewy Milo Cranberry Cookies

There’s a sort of simple indulgence you get from a cookie. And this one’s no different with an easy dump of milo, cranberries and general cookie batter into a mixer. The next thing you know, you’re placing it into an oven and in 15 mins, it’s fresh, hot and ready to be enjoyed. The best part? Pour a cup of cold milk to go with these marvellously milo-rich cookies with morsels of tart cranberries in every nibble.

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