Wow! Philippines: Empanada

Jan 7, 2020

It’s not a curry puff, but it’s quite close really. Known as Empanada, you’ll want to grab a hot one at Emma Lacson’s Delicacies, where it’s made to secret perfection. A flaky, crossiant-like shell wraps tasty meat, egg, raisins and more. It’s said you won’t just stop at one.

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  What's up guys? Manila, Matthias here. The PHoodDude in the Philippine city of Silay. It's the city just next to Bacolod, which is an hour flight South from Manila. I'm here to see the traditional houses and taste some of the traditional home cooking that has been passed down for generations. Let's taste some empanada's. Check these out. These are called pili nuts. Why? Because we're in the Philippines. No really, these are really good. Pili nuts, from the Philippines. Let's go.

Wow. Hello. So, the pork empanada is very similar to the one that you would hear all over the world, Spanish influence, but this one has a very crunchy outside with a flaky kind of croissant-like texture on the outside, but it's very crunchy, very crispy on the outside. Inside of the empanada is the meat. It has the pork, the raisin, and the yolk, and it's little bit sweet. Come here and try it out to find out for yourself. It smells like a campfire. Here's the fresh pili nut outside of its roasted shell. Oh wow. Quite moist on the inside. Almost has a consistency of garlic. These are pili nut square, and they always make it in this square shape. It smells very, very caramelized. I can smell the, I'm assuming the muscovado, which is a brown sugar that's native here. Very unique. Come here to Silay, and try out the empanadas for yourself. It's a wrap.

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