Why We Love Plant-Based Tuna (And Why You Should Too!)

Why We Love Plant-Based Tuna (And Why You Should Too!)

Save the ocean without having to forego the ocean-view vibes with unMEAT Fish-Free Tuna Style flakes

Perhaps you’ve witnessed the downsides of industrial fishing in Seaspiracy, or embraced the environmental or health benefits of plant-based eating. Vegan seafood may be a little scarcer than its poultry or meat cousins but that’s definitely changing with yummy, non-GMO, fish-free and 100% plant-based options like unMEAT Tuna Style Flakes.

If you’ve ever tipped over a can of tuna over your pasta, roti john or salad, it’s hard to not to love the sheer convenience and practicality of it. It’s an instant protein and flavor boost to many dishes, lending either delicate, mild flavor or a bold assertive one depending on whether you use tuna flakes in neutral oil, flavored oil or water. Can plant-based tuna match the health benefits, tastes and practicality? Well, here's how and why unMEAT won us over - with its deliciously 100% plant-based can of unMEAT Fish-Free Tuna Style Flakes!

It's a whole can of zero mercury, fish-free goodness!

Tuna Orzo with unMEAT Fish-Free Tuna Style Flakes. Photo: unMEAT

One of the biggest health drawbacks on canned tuna is mercury. All fishes have traces of mercury, but predators like tuna accumulate more methyl mercury due to their longer lifespans. 

Instead of having to limit your canned tuna consumption, you can still reap the benefits of a protein-rich can by substituting it with unMEAT Fish-Free Tuna Style Flakes. In fact, according to a quantitative consumer taste test conducted in the USA, 66% of participants were either willing to switch to unMEAT Tuna or have it in addition to canned tuna. One of the key reasons given is that unMEAT Tuna has zero mercury while containing fiber and protein.

Toss up a can of zero mercury, fish-free unMEAT Tuna with some teeny little orzo pasta grains, peas and a good dose of extra virgin olive oil for an easy breezy Tuna Orzo weeknight dinner. Don’t forget a sprinkle of parmesan or vegan cheese!

We love how protein-packed it is, with a good source of fiber too

When making a rice roll, wet it for easier rolling, and spoon out a delicious chunk of unMEAT Fish-Free Tuna Style Flakes too! Photo: AFN

With majority of the participants ranking amount of protein as one of the most important attributes, you would be delighted to know that a can of unMEAT Fish-Free Tuna Style Flakes contains about 7g of protein, which match the average protein contents of ordinary canned tuna. That’s 14% of your daily needs. Combine that with a good amount of dietary fiber and you have a 100% plant-based tuna that’s hard to resist nutritionally –  a major reason why consumers are willing to make the switch to unMEAT Tuna.

This means you can easily swap out canned tuna for unMEAT Fish-Free Tuna Stye Flakes in party-ready Canned Spicy Tuna Rice Rolls or Spiced Tuna Fish Cakes with Thai Basil Stir Fry while keeping your dishes healthy and mercury-free.

It’s super delicious, looks and tastes like tuna, with just the right moistness and flakiness

Tuna Salad Wrap with unMEAT Fish-Free Tuna Style Flakes. Photo: unMEAT

You can have the healthiest food product in the world but if it doesn’t put a smile on your face when you dig in (think  of the grimace you make when ingesting TCM concoctions), it’s still not going to win over any foodies. Fortunately, unMEAT Tuna had us completely fooled in looks, textures, and taste – we could hardly tell it apart from normal canned tuna! It’s not just us, participants of the taste test also praised how unMEAT Tuna had a “great flavor profile”, had a “mouth feel and texture of tuna” and “left them wanting to eat more of it”.

Right out of the packaging, 100% plant-based unMEAT Tuna looks just like the real thing. Sprinkle these moist flakes over your favorite salad base like we did and tuck in for a rich, flavorful tuna salad. Many tasters from the study also enjoyed unMEAT Tuna flakes prepared in this way, with 7 out of 10 of them ranking unMEAT first when it came to plant-based tuna salad choices.

unMEAT Fish-Free Tuna received excellent ‘just right’ ratings (of above 70%) across several characteristics like color, size of flakes, overall flavor, saltiness, moistness and mouth feel. “I can picture myself eating this product straight or using it to make tuna fish sandwiches”, gushed one of the tasters. It seems like we were not the only ones digging into the delicious flakes right out of the tin!

Mix up some high-protein unMEAT tuna flakes in mayonnaise (homemade, store-bought or vegan), spread it on a wrap along with lettuce, avocado, cheese and sliced tomatoes for a delightful lunch.

Finally - a sustainable, 100% plant-based alternative we need!

Roti John with unMEAT Fish-Free Tuna Style Flakes. Photo: AFN

Even from the history of canned tuna alone, it’s obvious that our oceans are being depleted at an alarming rate. The predecessor of canned tuna was actually canned sardines in the 1800s, as sardines were depleted, fishermen turned to albacore tuna in 1904. Within 30 years, the coast of California where albacore tuna was abundant was no longer brimming with tuna, and fishermen had to find replacements yet again.

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 34.2% of fisheries are overfished in this decade, which makes up more than a fifth of global seafood supply. We don’t have to become vegans overnight, but choosing to have meatless weeknight dinners once or twice a week can go a long way to preserving the oceans for our future generations. It can be as easy as swapping out canned tuna for fish-free unMEAT Tuna on your next Canned Tuna Roti John.

With delicious, non-GMO, protein-rich, 100% plant-based alternatives like unMEAT Tuna becoming increasingly available, it’s time to get hooked on fin-less, scale-less, fish-less seafood.

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