What To Order In For A Relaxing New Year Meal
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What To Order In For A Relaxing New Year Meal

Unwind after the hectic festive buzz by having these East and West delights delivered right to your doorstep with foodpanda

Perhaps the non-stop cooking, late-night conversations and other hosting duties during the festive season has drained you of that lively spark. Recharge your soul and take a breather from thinking of yet another long grocery list or poring through an endless recipe by tapping out this New Year. Instead, tap on the foodpanda button and have a scrumptious meal delivered. Don’t even want to think about what to order? Just grab one of the tantalizing meal options below.

1. Vegetarian Green Curry with Steamed Rice from Thai Box

Comfort can always be found in a steaming hot bowl of green curry. Ladle that savory and creamy blend of shrimp paste, shallots, lemongrass, makrut lime and other fabulous spices onto your rice and get ready to tuck into this vibrant dish.

2. Raccoon Size Salad from Salad Atelier

We promise no raccoons were harmed in the making of this salad. With a wide range of leafy or carb bases such as Garden Greens, Quinoa and Cold Soba, over 30 toppings and more than 10 primes and sauces available, we’ve never been this spoilt for choice. Interesting topping choices include Grapefruit, Sweet and Salty Edamame and Caribbean Bean Stew, which will all pair well with primes such a rich Chili Con Carne or savory Smoked Duck. Top it off with a fancy Elaiese or refreshing Mint Ponzu, or even a some decadent Cranberry Blue Cheese. The possibilities are endless and you can delight yourself with a completely different Raccoon Size Salad bowl each time!

3. Nasi Goreng Kampung from Liza TomYam

Fluffy white rice tossed in a hot wok always results in a wonderfully charred, wok-hey taste. When you’re craving for something close to home, a wok-tossed Nasi Goreng Kampung with crispy, savory anchovies, veggies and scrambled egg is always a great idea. Pair with your favorite sambal chili to spice it up a little!

4. Pickled Green Fish Set from Tin Tin Private Kitchen

Fancy that spice kick that hits you right up the nose and causes sweat to form on your forehead? Then this Pickled Green Fish Set is just the dish for you. Fresh fish is marinated in salt and pepper before being simmered in a fragrant, tangy and tongue-numbing broth. Pickled mustard green gives this Sichuan dish its signature sour taste, which is complemented with the numbing sensation from Sichuan peppercorns and heat from generous heap of chilies. Pair with a bowl of white rice and perhaps a cold soybean milk to cool things down.

5. Norwegian Salmon Burger from Pampas On The Go

Chow down on a flaky Norwegian Salmon Burger and feel the zing of the wholegrain mustard sauce that’s spicing up this meal. This burger comes with your typical condiments like tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers and purple cabbage for that refreshing crunch in between those fluffy patties.

6. Ayam Bakar Solo Combo B from Penyet Penyet

One of their best-sellers and chef recommendations, the Ayam Bakar Solo Combo B features a perfectly grilled chicken coated with sticky sweet soya sauce. Squeeze the lime over to enhance its chargrilled smoky flavors and dip the piece you just sliced into their signature sambal sauce for some extra heat. 

7. Kashmiri Gosht Rogan Josh from Royal India Pavilion

Succulent chunks of lamb cubes are slow cooked in a rich, spicy sauce to give you this Kashmiri Gosht Rogan Josh curry. It’s the kind of dish that you’ll be happy to skip the prep for, as it requires hours of marinating and a whole bunch of spices like cardamom, fennel, cinnamon, cloves and Asafoetida that you may not always have in the spice cupboard. The thick consistency in this Kashmiri curry comes from yogurt, which is whisked in at the end to prevent curdling. Have some roti ready as you’ll be second-dipping your bread in this Rogan Josh for sure!

8. Prawn Tempura Rice Bowl from Rice Bowl Tei Hanabi

What sets tempura apart from other fried food is its distinctive batter, which doesn’t use bread crumbs and requires less oil than other frying methods. It’s light and crispy on the outside, and fluffy and moist on the inside. Drizzle some umami tempura sauce over this bowl of crunchy, juicy prawn tempura and you’ll all set!

9. Spicy Toppokki from DubuYo

When it’s a little chilly outside, Spicy Toppokki is a great choice to warm you up on the inside. This Korean street food may look bright red, but its spice level is not crazy high. The red comes from the fermented bean paste or gochujang, and the chilli peppers used are much milder than the famous chili padi. These rice cakes are served with a mix of fishcakes, and makes for a great sharing dish or fulfilling single meal.

10. Chicken Tikka Wrap Classic from Faasos

If you’re going to binge watch New Year TV specials, Chicken Tikka Wrap might be the easiest takeout to enjoy. Chicken chunks are marinated in yogurt and a tomato-based spice mix before being grilled and heaped onto a flaky paratha wrap, along with juicy vegetables like julienned carrots and fresh lettuce. It’s topped off in their house special sauce and wrapped up tight for you to chomp down easily on with one hand.

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