What is Your Trending Food Horoscope?

What is Your Trending Food Horoscope?

After months of lockdown cooking, look to the stars for some fresh cooking direction for your next meal

1. Aquarius: Durian Burnt Cheesecake

20 January - 18 February

Basque burnt cheesecake recipes topped twitter trends and led to cream cheese, its key ingredient, selling out in supermarkets. Also known as “Tarta de Queso”, this burnt delicacy originates from Basque Country in Spain. The burnt top happens during the bake, where the surface becomes almost scorched-like, though retaining its creamy interior. For the highly original Aquarius, you'll love this uncommon cheesecake, made even more creamy with bittersweet durian, all coming together in a neat airfryer. 

2. Pisces: Dalgona Coffee

19 February - 20 March

This popular two-toned coffee trend first made its rounds on TikTok, challenging all to mix coffee powder, sugar and water. In fact, the drink was first popularised on a Korean food show called “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staruant”. The actor, Jung Il-woo, coined the term when he tried the coffee in Macau and said that it reminded him of the Korea's famous dalgona candy stick. So, why is this the perfect trending food for Pisces? That's because there are endless ways you can transform this three-ingredient drink, appealing to a Pisces' creative, personal touch. Consider adding some cinnamon, milo, or black tea in a dalgona coffee made three ways. 

3. Aries: Suan La Fen

21 March - 19 April

With the arrival of summer, a sudden hot and vinegary craving for slippery, sour suan la instant noodles drove many to order these Chinese konjac noodles by the carton. Originating from the peppercorn province of the Chinese city of Sichuan, these soupy, addictively spicy noodles are perfect for the passionate Aries. Here, you can make these noodles and soup base yourself, if your shipment like many is delayed by halting air travel. 

4. Taurus: Bubble Tea

20 April - 20 May

Queues formed almost immediately at bubble tea stalls when Singapore announced that most of the F&B industry would be closed during the month-long lockdown. Sounds dramatic? Well, you might understand that best if you were a Taurus. Your sign is anchored by consistency and reliability, just like bubble tea. You might already know by heart your sweetness level, ice-level and that one combination you always order, whether milk, fruit, or floral. It's one drink that offers the same taste that you can count on, everytime. 

5. Gemini: Spaghetti Brulee

21 May - 20 June

Spaghetti Panggang combines the best of classic Italian dishes like spaghetti and lasagne. This viral Indonesia Brûléed Pasta is basically a lasagna recipe, but instead of using lasagne sheets, we use spaghetti. Jakarta chef Yuda Bustara's favourite part is the golden brown crispy brûléed top, with savory, thick Béchamel or white sauce below. Just like the Gemini, these two dishes fit each other perfectly well! Now the affectionate Gemini can make just a little more to share with loved ones too. 

6. Cancer: Korean Army Stew Sushi Bake

21 June - 22 July

in the Philippines, sushi bakes emerged from ovens by the dozen, with squares of vinegared rice, wrapped in seaweed and topped with anything from korean army stew to spicy tuna. We've no doubt these creative takeaway and delivery-friendly food appeals to the imaginative Cancer. Just think of how many different toppings this easy-going and colourful sign could think for a tray of these bakes! 

7. Leo: Bakso Mercon – Firecracker Meatballs

23 July - 22 August

It's sold in many pushcarts on the streets of Jakarta. Depending on what you prefer or want to have that day, you can choose from two types, the wet or dry. The many big flavours of this dish is quite attractive to the big-hearted Leo, and it's likely the fearless lion will be making this to share. 

8. Virgo: Mcdonalds-Inspired Griddled Pancake Burger

23 August - 22 September 

For a brief few days, Singapore's social media scene was quite distressed. That was all because of the island-wide McDonalds closures in the lockdown period. Many grew desperate to recreate the familiar morning sight of a big breakfast meal with a savoury maple-dripped McGriddles burger. And for the Virgos out there, this Mcdonald's-Inspired Griddled Pancake Burger is for you. The balance and harmony in sweet maple syrup pancake buns, nesting a savoury cheese sausage patty, is divine, qualities you always strive to perfect.

9. Libra: Flatbread

23 September - 22 October

At one point during lockdown period, flour sold out as the baking trend grew bigger. Many reached out to make flatbread, one of the most simple recipes turned dough into bread in minutes. And as a Libra, we know the social butterfly in you would love a bake that can be easily made, shared and repeated. 

10. Scorpio: Mala Beef Noodles Soup

23 October - 21 November

It doesn't seem to end, does it? Well, the red hot Sichuan spice mix has now made its mark on nearly everything - in pasta, soups, stews, popcorn, and even desserts! Its key spice is a numbing peppercorn that once stir-fried, becomes the buzz of the dish. Of course, the powerful spice of mala is something to match a Scorpio's intensity and we suspect this bowl of warm mala beef noodles would appeal greatly to that strong side.

11. Sagittarius: Jollibee Inspired Fried Chicken

22 November - 21 December

When the Philippines went into strict lockdowns, weekly Jollibee meal was hard to come by. So, Filipinos made their own instead. This fast-food joint inspired recipe is created by Filipino chef Anton Amoncio, and it has the warm, homely comfort of Jollibee's crisp chicken and brown sauce. And we're certain that even for a free-spirited Sagittarius, sometimes the familiar feel of home is the only thing that comforts. 

12. Capricorn: Potato Peel Chips

22 December - 19 January 

Months of lockdown have led to more stockpiling, more cooking, and naturally, more waste. So in came: leftover recipes. Here, Charlotte Mei shows you how to recreate this delicious oven-baked Potato Peel Chips with just some seasoning. And we're sure the very responsible Capricorn would appreciate such no-waste recipes like this. 

And, find out which delicious horoscope dessert is meant for you.

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