What is Your Lok Lok Horoscope?

What is Your Lok Lok Horoscope?

Sweet, spicy, tangy, comforting or all of the above – what kind of lok lok fits your unique personality?

Bright lights greet you from afar, and the delightful mixed scents of spice and savory broths gets your mouth watering as you near your favourite lok lok food truck or open-air restaurant. Who doesn’t love lok lok? There’s tongue-numbing spicy grilled squid for the fiery Aries and subtly savory fishballs for the calm Taurus, and everything in between to keep the zodiac in you satiated. Read on to find out which kind of skewers will whet your appetite:

1. Aquarius: Shishamo

January 20 - February 18

You’re most likely found enjoying lok lok with just your bestie or a small bunch of close friends, enjoying the same company you’ve spent years or decades with. While you not be the most outspoken one, you won’t shy away from reaching out for an extra grilled shishamo, and dip it in a tangy spicy dip for that hint of sourness you love.

2. Pisces: King Oyster Mushroom

19 February - 20 March

While you’re open to trying the more adventurous lok lok like gizzard and intestines, something sweet simple and delicious like King Oyster Mushroom holds an irresistible appeal for your taste buds. Your friends value your listening ear, and what better way to share stories than over a chilled-out lok lok atmosphere?   

3. Aries: Roasted Pork Belly

21 March - 19 April 

It’s almost always first dibs for you, be it at the buffet line or lok lok stand, so getting what you want is not an issue. Before you know it, you’ll be picking up a skewer or two of roast pork belly or pork intestines and liberally dipping it in the chili sauce even if it already has chili sprinkles on it – that’s just in your fiery nature!

4. Taurus: White Fishball

20 April - 20 May

You probably grabbed a few skewers and plonked them on your best friend’s or partner’s plate before helping yourself – that’s how much you value your relationships. You’re perfectly happy with the popular lok lok choices like White Fishballs or Taiwan sausage, whichever is on the table for easy, practical access.

5. Gemini: Enoki with Ham

21 May - 20 June

In between mouthfuls of tasty grilled meat and vegetables, you’re most likely busy learning about the latest developments among your friends, asking after their lives and latest adventures to satisfy your endless curiosity. Given a choice among the colorful skewers, you won’t be opposed to trying interesting combinations like Enoki with Ham or Cuttlefish You Tiao. Even if your favourite lok lok isn’t on the table, you’re quickly find a good substitute thanks to your adaptability!

6. Cancer: Tiger Prawn

21 June - 22 July 

Anything that comes from the sea is fair game for this sentimental water sign. You just seem to know what your family or friends need the moment you arrive, be it extra drinks to quench the spice or another round of tasty seafood skewers. Tucking into a freshly grilled and super juicy tiger prawn will keep you in a good mood at the next lok lok outing!

7. Leo: Black Pepper Chicken

23 July - 22 August

Everyone’s gathered around in the open-air lok lok food truck or restaurant thanks to you! Your natural leadership abilities have led to yet another successful outing and you also get to enjoy your favourite skewers. Rich and flavorful lok lok are particularly appealing to you, and a well seasoned Black Pepper Chicken skewer always hits the spot.

8. Virgo: Long Bean

23 August - 22 September

If the lok lok food order is left to you, everyone will always walk away incredibly satisfied thanks to your good planning in terms of variety and quantity. While you definitely enjoy the full range of healthy and heartwarming foods, pairing earthy grilled meats with the grilled vegetables like long beans or broccoli is definitely something you do for every lok lok session. After all, having a balanced diet is important to you!

9. Libra: Razor Clams

23 September - 22 October

Birthday? Public holiday? Anniversary? Any reason is a good reason to gather – if you’re a Libra! And the free and easy style of lok lok eats is a great way to enjoy good food with friends and family. While you might prefer fancier styles of food, there’s always premium lok lok skewers to be savored – like the grilled razor clams that are dripping with oceanic goodness. Sit back, eat your fill and soak up the conversational buzz around you!

10. Scorpio: Oyster Mushroom

23 October - 21 November

A lok lok feast might just be the thing to feed your voracious appetite. Grab a few of each type of skewers, and perhaps a whole bunch of oyster mushrooms – or those meats or seafood with intense, rich flavors that you love so much. Grilling brings out those deep umami flavors in the juicy oyster mushrooms, making them particular irresistible to you. 

11. Sagittarius: Cuttlefish Balls

22 November - 21 December

We bet you get lots of invitations to lok lok parties because you’re just so fun to have around! Even if it rains cats and dogs on your party, you’ll find the silver lining and bring some sunshine to everyone around you. You definitely fall into the live to eat category, and the sumptuous, tasty cuttlefish balls will have you reaching for seconds or thirds.

12. Capricorn: Tofu Fishcake

December 22 - January 19

You don’t need anyone to order your skewers at the lok lok stall – you already know what you like, and it probably hasn’t changed too much from your childhood! Traditional foods you grew up with like tofu fishcake and fishballs are natural choices when it comes to lok lok, and you can have it day after day without ever getting sick of them.

Plus, make a delicious lok lok sauce 

Lok Lok are tiny bite-sized food skewered on a stick and then dipped into hot water to cook. This communal styled steamboat is an Asian favorite and is found in many street stalls around Malaysia and Singapore. But the true magic lies in its dipping sauce which offers spicy, sour, and earthy notes. Lok Lok without Lok Lok Sauce would simply not be as delicious.

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