What Is Your Healthy Dish Horoscope?

What Is Your Healthy Dish Horoscope?

Tell us what's your star, and we'll reveal what's your ideal healthy dish

Would a plate of sweet, spicy and tangy mango salad appeal to the intense Aries? Or would a perfectionist Virgo love getting right a complex and wonderous one-pot vegetarian briyani? Tell us what you are, and we'll reveal what's your ideal healthy dish. 

Or, feel your sweet tooth pulling at you? Find out which delicious horoscope dessert is meant just for you.

1. Aquarius: Savoury Bacon and Avocado Muffin

20 January - 18 February

You are someone who is very original and independent. You are a unique individual that would stand out with your talent and skills. What better recipe to represent that than the Savoury Bacon and Avocado Muffin? Not only are the ingredients a perfectly eccentric blend, it is also keto-friendly! With its clear steps, it totally vibes with your analytical thinking. Pick this up and make this perfect snack in no time. 

2. Pisces: Laksa Shirataki Fried Noodles

19 February - 20 March

Everyone loves your kindness and compassion, cherished qualities which you exude in spades. And that's why the Laksa Shirataki Fried Noodles is your healthy dish horoscope! Being a popular street-food favorite of Malaysia and Singapore, it definitely is gels with how easy-going and loved you are. You are also generous, making this recipe (which is perfect for two), ideal for sharing.

3. Aries: Sweet & Spicy Thai Mango Salad

21 March - 19 April

Being an Aries, you are someone who is intensely passionate. Passionate in your job and life, you definitely will put in the extra effort for those you love. And what better flavour to represent it than the tickling heat and colour of spice itself? The Sweet & Spicy Thai Mango Salad is definitely your healthy food as it has a delicate balance of sweet and spicy achieved with your determination and confidence. Not only that, this salad is so fresh and healthy, it's a keen energy booster, giving you a sprint in your step! 

4. Taurus: Salted Vegetable Duck Soup

20 April - 20 May

At first glance, the Salted Vegetable Duck Soup may not catch anyone's eye. However, as you are a very practical person, the simplicity of this dish would appeal to your straight-shooter nature. It may be a little more traditional but with the dedication and devotion you always put in, it is anything but that! Despite this being a little longer and difficult as compared to other recipes, it'll give you a satisfying time in the kitchen.

5. Gemini: One-Pan Red Curry Shakshuka

21 May - 20 June

One-Pan Red Curry Shakshuka recipe suits you so well. Being a fast learner that adapts to many different situations quickly, this recipe is sweat-proof, and only takes 30 minutes. You are very light on your feet and can generate many ideas, making this unique dish that reflects so much of you. The neat one-pan recipe shows how controlled you are in what you do, with a dynamic variety of skills to show and share.

6. Cancer: Tangerine Cake with Vegan Chocolate Ganache

21 June - 22 July

You are someone who is very emotional, intuitive and loyal. You are reflective, trying to create the perfect scenario for everyone to work together in harmony. The Tangerine Cake with Vegan Chocolate Ganache represents you as every different ingredient blends together so well, it just seems so natural together. The deliciously different layers shows how thoughtful you are, and the depth of your emotions. 

7. Leo: Keto Raspberry Chocolate Bread Pudding

23 July - 22 August

Your horoscope is very creative, exuberant, and loves being the centre of attention. And now, we've got that one healthy dish for all of you. An incredibly visually pleasing dish, the dynamic red, brown and gold colours of the Keto Raspberry Chocolate Bread Pudding would capture the eyes and hearts of everyone! You don't just make one slice with this bake, there's much to share and pass around. For those on Keto, it's keto-approved and doesn't at all discriminate, so can show your love to absolutely anyone. 

8. Virgo: Vegetarian Briyani

23 August - 22 September 

You need something realistic. You are a practical and logical person, a simple recipe would be just the one for you. The Vegetarian Briyani really would tap into how systematically complex you are and satisfies your need to reap exactly what you sow. It's definitely a rewarding recipe for the perfectionist in you, both in the making of, and the savouring of! 

9. Libra: ABC Soup

23 September - 22 October

Your horoscope is someone who is warm and kind-hearted. Being someone who is also gracious, the ABC Soup is a generous soup that is enjoyed by many. Since it is also a very flexible dish (you can add in any vegetables without ruining its taste), the addition of ingredients represent how many different people may come into your life but would never change who you really are. It also shows how cooperative you are in many situations, blending and melding to make things work, just like this all-rounder.

10. Scorpio: Filipino Sour Soup with Milkfish Belly

23 October - 21 November

You're often thought of as sincere and true, just like this authentic Filipino favourite. A perfect dish to warm up on a rainy day, you are someone many would rely on as you are very trustworthy and loyal. The sourness in the soup leaves a twisty tangy aftertaste, lingering long after you've taken your final slurp. The payoff represents how persistent you are in reaching your goals, leaving you often in a pleasant surprise. LIke a bowl of comforting soup, you're always there when you're needed. 

11. Sagittarius: Bibimbap 

22 November - 21 December

Your horoscope is very giving, and the Korean merry plate of Bibimbap is a gift that will give right back to you. Not only are the portions adjustable, the amount of ingredients included is a wide rainbow spread of carrots, cucumber, rice, pickles, seaweed and more. Your sense of adventure will be heightened with the sheer number of healthy ingredients you can play around with, letting you enjoy a different taste in every bite. Since it is so versatile, you can switch it up according to your preference and just go wild!

12. Capricorn: Salted Egg Yolk Kale Chips

22 December - 19 January 

The Capricorn is someone who is very ambitious, the more complicated the situation is, the more they are up for that challenge. Now, this healthy Salted Egg Yolk Kale Chips might look seriously quick and pan-easy to make, but the trick is making sure each leaf is crisply coated in creamy salted egg yolk. You'll need to smash the yolks up, then coat them evenly over delicate kale leaves. However, it is not a problem for your horoscope, being someone who is capable and hardworking, you will be in-control of this recipe in no time and would make this such a worth-it treat.

And, find out which delicious horoscope dessert is meant just for you.

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