What is Your Guilty Pleasure Horoscope?

What is Your Guilty Pleasure Horoscope?

Rich, creamy, salty, sweet or simply indulgent, there are so many ways to reward yourself and your taste buds – find out what types of food hit the right spot based on your star sign.

What’s a guilty pleasure? Well, it’s that conflicting feeling you get when you’re reaching for yet another handful of nacho and cheese, knowing it’s not the healthiest thing in the world, but it just tastes so, so good. We all deserve a little indulgence on some days, so why not go all in when allowing yourself a treat? Go big with a heaping plate of crispy fried chicken, or go home to curl up in the comforts of your sofa with a wholesome Mac and Cheese, check out the best guilty pleasure for your personality below.

1. Aquarius: Bubble Tea 3 Ways

January 20 - February 18

Always calm, cool and collected, slurping up a sweet Bubble Tea while watching the world go by is right up your alley. With your creative and inventive traits, we’re certain you’ll be able to tweak the recipe so that it’ll match your taste and preferences to a tee.

2. Pisces: Matcha Tiramisu

19 February - 20 March

Ah, the romantic, sweet and trusting one. Legend has it Tiramisu was invented in the romantic region of Veneto to caffeinate the Venetian lovebirds. Isn’t it then perfect for you? Share this sweet Matcha Tiramisu with your special someone or just make it especially for them – it’s simply in your nurturing, devoted nature to do so.

3. Aries: Wagyu Ribeye

21 March - 19 April 

Always striving for perfection, you will enjoy a beautifully marbled Wagyu Ribeye, especially if it allows for some pretty Instagram food pictures. Like you, a good steak is bold in its savoury chargrilled flavors, and Japanese Wagyu is one of the best cuts of beef available in the world that will meet your discerning taste.

4. Taurus: One-Pot Kimchi Pumpkin Mac and Cheese

20 April - 20 May

One-Pot Kimchi Pumpkin Mac and Cheese is a reliable, feel-good indulgence that suits your humble and dependable personality. Mac and Cheese is a tried and tested recipe through the decades, and this slightly spicy version will give you all the comforting creaminess you need.

5. Gemini: Charcoal & Durian Mochi Cookies

21 May - 20 June

These Charcoal & Durian Mochi Cookies will definitely arouse your curiosity as a Gemini and you will appreciate the ingenuity of this dessert that hides a surprise in its pungently bittersweet center. Make some for sharing – after all, catching up with friends is something you look forward to often!

6. Cancer: Mala Molten Lava Cake

21 June - 22 July 

There’s nothing like a super chocolate-y Mala Molten Lava Cake to boost your mood on one of those gloomy days. Chocolate promotes the production of endorphins in our brains, and this decadent dessert is a failsafe method to bring the sunshine back in your life and satiate your sweet tooth.

7. Leo: Olive Fried Chicken

23 July - 22 August

Refuel your energetic day with this glorious plate of Olive Fried Chicken. It’s definitely a worthy feast for a king when enjoyed piping hot out of the fryer. Not only has it soaked up all that yummylicious, spiced marinade over several hours, it’s coated with an aromatic batter before being fried to golden perfection. Go ahead and lead the way for the next dinner party with this addictive fried chicken dish!

8. Virgo: Canned Tuna Roti John

23 August - 22 September

Known for your practical nature, it’s no wonder that when you feel like indulging in something sinful, Canned Tuna Roti John is a hearty snack you wouldn’t mind putting together in the afternoon as it’s quick, easy and tasty. Drizzle some Japanese kewpie mayo over your Roti John for an addictively creamy finish.  

9. Libra: Mala Salted Caramel Popcorn

23 September - 22 October

Your love for harmony allows you to appreciate a freshly popped bowl of Mala Salted Caramel Popcorn, which has a good balance of salty, sweet and spicy for a movie-time or mid afternoon snack. We bet you will make some extra for your loved ones as you are so thoughtful that way.

10. Scorpio: Sticky Date Pudding

23 October - 21 November

Intense, sweet and warmly spiced, it’s hard for you to say no to a serving of Sticky Date Pudding when you’re seeking out some guilty pleasures. There’s also always room for extra butterscotch sauce for an even more intense caramel flavor.

11. Sagittarius: Sweet Potato Fries

22 November - 21 December

With so many adventures to embark on, sitting still is tough for you, but don’t worry – with a bag of Sweet Potato Fries by your side, you can snack on the go. The blend of sweetness and saltiness makes this fried snack super addictive and will satiate your hunger pangs in no time. Don’t forget to whip up a McDonald’s Inspired Curry Sauce or some smooth and creamy mayonnaise for dipping!

12. Capricorn: Cheesy Bacon Beef Burgers

December 22 - January 19

It’s not too hard to please your down-to-earth nature, and when you feel like digging into a greasy, finger-licking good meal, a Cheesy Bacon Beef Burger is the ultimate go-to guilty pleasure. Waiting for this juicy burger to be cooked and served is no issue for you thanks to your patient nature. Pair it with some McDonald’s Inspired Shaker Fries 3 Ways for a super filling fast food dinner.

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