What is Your Back-to-Office Snack Horoscope?

What is Your Back-to-Office Snack Horoscope?

Back to office? Something fun to welcome everyone - find your co-workers horoscopes and make perfect post lunch snacks for all

Finally back to office? Something fun to welcome everyone - find yours and your co-workers horoscopes, and whether it's popcorn or easy recipes that can be made with a microwave, make perfect post lunch snacks for all. 

1. Aquarius: Curry Leaf Popcorn

20 January – 18 February

Being someone highly original, it makes sense to choose something a little out of the ordinary. That's why the Curry Leaf Popcorn would be perfect for you. Although it is a little more weird- it's actually a delicious mix compared to the regular flavours of salty and sweet. Also, fun fact! Curry leaves are proven to have antioxidant effects, so it is a real healthyish treat too.

2. Pisces: Matcha Mug Cake

19 February – 20 March

An innately creative individual, your artistic spark shines in cooking creations as well. The Matcha Mug Cake, a simple recipe, is very compatible with many other foods, including the excellent pairing of red wine and dark chocolate. You can also dust the cup with matcha powder, cocoa powder or icing sugar, all sweet surprises to transform this into a very special snack.

3. Aries: Sambal Salmon Parcel

21 March – 19 April

Passionate is a word that is used often to describe an Aries and what better way to express that with some spice? You're super enthusiastic and will love making, and savouring this Sambal Salmon Parcel. It might look like a long recipe, but it really only takes around 15 minutes to make. Best part? Not only do you get spicy tangy goodness from this, its punchy flavors will perk you up instantly.

4. Taurus: Honey Sesame Tofu

20 April – 20 May

The reliable and practical Tauras will appreciate this homely, warming and nutritious Honey Sesame Tofu. Perfect as a side dish or even a snack, it's surprisingly versatile. The burst of flavors from sweet savoury sauce has all the goodness of sweet and spicy, making it even more addictive. Just like the stable individual you are, remember to use firm tofu for this recipe for the best results.

5. Gemini: Chocolate Bowl Cake

21 May – 20 June

A sweet treat, this dish definitely would tap into your affectionate side. As a Gemini, you are actually a very gentle person. That's why you are like a Chocolate Bowl Cake, the chocolate base, bitter or sweet, offers comfort to many. Similarly, your ability to adapt is akin to this pleasing dessert that goes with anything - milk or coffee, hot or cold, this snack would definitely complement and complete.

6. Cancer: Bread Sushi Rolls

21 June – 22 July

You're a highly imaginative individual, which makes these unusual Bread Sushi Rolls just something you might create to make a classic ham and cheese sandwich much more fun to eat. This easy to make recipe is incredibly nutritious too, using wholemeal bread for a deliciously nutty texture, fuelling your high energy-levels through the day. 

7. Leo: Kimchi Seaweed Popcorn

23 July – 22 August

Ditch regular popcorn, your inner creative sense needs something more! And here, this umami-y toasty Kimchi Seaweed Popcorn is just thing. The sharp blend of sour kimchi and savoury seaweed makes this blend a tempting one to try. Plus, the lingering touch of sriracha taps right into your passionate, warm-hearted being. Share that love around with everyone, your generousity has always been an endearing trait! 

8. Virgo: Toothsome Milo Krispies Cookies

23 August – 22 September

Toothsome Milo Krispies Cookies? Sounds like a delightful treat. And the perfectionist Virgo in you will bake it to perfection, we're sure of that. Don't sweat the small stuff though - as long as you've got milo, krispies and cookie mix, you're all set. But of couse, you will do that - you know all too well that the devil's in the details. So bake away and right at the end, you'll slide out a warm, chewy, chocolatey tray of rewards for some kitchen-time well done.

9. Libra: Peanut Butter Caramel Popcorn

23 September – 22 October

As a Libra, you are someone who is very gracious and sociable. This is why the Peanut Butter Caramel Popcorn is just the dish for you. Peanut butter, being a staple in many families’ breakfast, simply sweetens up an otherwise plain bucket of popcorn. Plus, we're quite sure your friends will not be able to stop snacking on this. Remember to make more than one serving, because you won't stop giving it out either.

10. Scorpio: Cheesy Chili Microwave Omelette

23 October – 21 November

You're highly resourceful, just like the one who created this Cheesy Chili Microwave Omette recipe. Simply use eggs, chilies, pop it into a mug and into the microwave. You can also adjust the spice level by simply adding more chili, or less. If not, just replace it with paprika powder (it's less spicy generally)- either way, this dish represents your passion and unmistakeable resourcefulness that others often admire in you. 

11. Sagittarius: Chocolate Pretzel Milk Shake

22 November – 21 December 

Being a Sagittarius, you are a sophisticated individual with a great sense of humor. And you're also someone who would appreciate a well-blended, smooth and decadent Chocolate Pretzel Milk Shake. It may sound simple and boring, but on every table, it's a drink that has everyone swooning over- because who doesn't love chocolate? And who isn't impressed with the perfect balance of a savoury pretzel biscuit? In short- it's one with an uncommon presence, and sipping it slowly offers some sweet, some savoury - a pleasant surprise, just like you.

12. Capricorn: Chocolate Peanut Fruit Kebabs

22 November – 21 December

Last but not least, the Capricorn. This star is highly regarded for its responsible and disciplined personality, having admirable self-control in many aspects of life. However, the Capricorn is often told to "relax a litte", "smell the flowers", or "don't sweat it". So, practice all that with this Chocolate Peanut Fruit Kebabs recipe - mostly healthy (fruits and all), with a little bit of sinful chocolate. It's an easy-eating snack that compliments not only the Capricorn's personality, but their lifestyle as well.

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