What is Your Asian Food Takeaway Horoscope?

What is Your Asian Food Takeaway Horoscope?

Whether you are a red-hot spicy Aries or a cool-as-cucumber Taurus, there's a perfect takeaway for your stars, or shall we say, woks and pots?

Whether you are a red-hot spicy Aries or a cool-as-cucumber Taurus, there’s a perfect Asian Food Takeaway to hit your zodiac spot in this Stay Home period. It’s definitely heaps more sinful than your healthy horoscope dish, but nothing perks up our week like a delightful, piping hot Asian meal that is bursting with flavour! Find out your match made in the stars (or shall we say woks and pots) below.

1. Aquarius: One-Pan Okonomiyaki Quesadilla

20 January - 18 February

The rebel at heart needs an innovative dish, so we’ve put some fusion food on the table! Trendy and innovative, you love to try out new things, so how about a One-Pan Okonomiyaki Quesadilla. Maybe it’s not as easy to find as other Asian dishes above, but we are sure nothing is too difficult for you to hunt down with your well-honed skills.  

2. Pisces: Pineapple Prawn Curry

19 February - 20 March

We love the bright, vibrant colours of this dish – and your whimsical personality will to! Dig in to this decadent Thai-style Pineapple Prawn Curry. You will love the creative use of pineapple to sweeten the taste of juicy, fresh prawns. Dig in and share this special dish with the people you love!

3. Aries: Char Kway Teow

21 March - 19 April 

Bold, ambitious and always up for a challenge, there’s a reason Aries is up here on top of the charts. You need instant gratification when it comes to meals. This fragrant, stir-fried Char Kway Teow is quick to fry up and serve your need for speed! Never mind that the grease coated rice noodles might splatter everywhere. After all, you aren’t as concerned about appearances. Having a fun mealtime with your loved ones is way more important.

4. Taurus: ABC Soup

20 April - 20 May

For the down-to-earth Taurus, you would be most at home with a mild and warm ABC Soup. This non-spicy and comforting dish fits with your preferred calm and peaceful settings. It brings you close to the roots (literally almost) of nature and being pleasure-seekers, we are certain you would appreciate the different textures and flavours each ingredient brings. Enjoy it in your most familiar setting that you are comfortable with – at home with the family.

5. Gemini: Sweet and Sour Chicken

21 May - 20 June

Your many talents keep you so busy, we don’t know if you found time to eat! If you can spare a second for your meal, how about some Sweet and Sour Chicken, paired with a steaming bowl of rice? The captivating yet contrasting flavours match up with your dual nature, and provide the necessary energy for your hardworking mind. Don’t dash off yet…finish your food first!

6. Cancer: Pho Bo

21 June - 22 July 

Practical and sensitive, you relish being close to home. Pho Bo evokes just that, a feeling of home-cooked food that’s light, satisfying and easy to finish in a sitting. We think you would like this mild, delicious and absolutely classic dish from Vietnam because it suits your non-confrontational nature. Slurp up every last drop of this sweet and savoury dish with your loved ones, whose company you adore most.

7. Leo: Bulcachong (Filipino Beef Stew)

23 July - 22 August

You can’t go wrong with a rich and hearty Bulcachong (Filipino Beef Stew) – it’s food for a king (or queen) that you are! Traditionally made with buffalo meat, this spicy stew will capture all your senses. Sink your teeth into the tender, juicy meat chunks and we might even hear the lion roar! We know you love the spotlight, so don’t be shy and snap loads of pictures to share with your friends and fans.

8. Virgo: Ayam Gulai

23 August - 22 September

For our very discerning perfectionist, we recommend a fulfilling bowl of Ayam Gulai. It’s tough to go wrong with a curry that’s get better and better the longer you cook it for! It is a well-deserved reward for all the hard work you’ve put in despite working from home. Don’t be so harsh on yourself – spare a few minutes for this fabulously sinful dish. Soak up its goodness with bread, naan or rice to recharge your day ahead.

9. Libra: Johor Laksa

23 September - 22 October

Strike a delicate balance in your adventurous life with a bowl of sweet, tangy and irresistible Johor Laksa. Like how you seek equilibrium in your relationships and life, this laksa combines several ingredients of varying tastes like creaminess from the coconut cream, tartness from the tamarind, zing from the mint and sourness from the limes to achieve one unified flavour that will blow your socks off. After all, you deserve the best of everything and this wonderful bowl of laksa has just that.

10. Scorpio: Gulai Ikan Karang (Snapper Fish Curry)

23 October - 21 November

Like your passionate nature, this fiery Gulai Ikan Karang (Snapper Fish Curry) is also teeming with amazing aromas and tastes. It packs a powerful punch of spiciness, though it’s no match for your powerful personality. Indulge in this fragrant Indonesian seafood dish with your family and friends. It’s definitely big enough for two or more people, so be less secretive about it and share the love.  

11. Sagittarius: Vegetable Biryani

22 November - 21 December

You’re always thirsting for new knowledge, so it makes sense to have a steaming hot Vegetable Biryani. Believed to have originated in modern day Persia (Iran), there are varying interesting historical accounts on how the dish ended up in India. Biryani actually comes from the Persian word “birian”, which means fried before cooking. Have we whet your appetite and thirst for knowledge yet?

12. Capricorn: Yang Zhou Fried Rice

December 22 - January 19

This no-nonsense, straightforward Yang Zhou Fried Rice might be the ideal meal you’ve been searching for. Known for your tenacity, you can rely on this filling dish to get your energy reserves up, and racing once again to achieve your one dream.

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