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The Top 6 Japanese Ingredients and Recipe Suggestions

Dreaming of learning Japanese cuisine without a formal cooking school? Well, you just need to have these six essential ingredients and recipes with you. Read now.

10 Ultimate Finger-Licking Chicken Recipes

Search no more- this is the definitive list of 10 ultimate chicken recipes that you should memorise because they.are.all.finger.licking.good. From the stickiest sweet and spicy Korean fried chicken, to fiery sambal fried chicken pops, and an invigorating ginger lemongrass chicken, it's chicken done right, each time. What's your favourite?

10 Addictive Asian Desserts

Desserts in Asia don't just use white sugar for sweetness. There's caramel gold of gula melaka in many Southeast Asian desserts, to creamy milky coconut milk in a bubbling bowl of warm Thai bananas. And we're not forgetting the endless list of sweet tropical fruits, especially the year-round favourite dessert, mango sago pomelo.

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