The Ultimate Festive Snacking List for Christmas Gatherings
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The Ultimate Festive Snacking List for Christmas Gatherings

From well-loved childhood munchies to luxurious Xmas cookies, prep your home for holiday hosting with these yummy treats that you can order from foodpanda

It’s finally the time of the year to put aside the work laptop and celebrate with family and friends! In the midst of hanging up the tinsel and shiny baubles, don’t forget to restock your pantry so your hungry guests can refuel for movie marathons, relaxing long conversations and non-stop festive fun.

Need some ideas? Here’s 15 of the most addictive snacks that your friends and family will love:  

1. myEureka Gourmet Popcorn Classic Caramel from pandamart

Easy to start, hard to stop – aren’t all great snacks just like that? Savor the sticky sweet caramel coating over each fluffy round popcorn with myEureka Gourmet Popcorn Classic Caramel pack. Pour them out into a wide bowl for sharing and sink back into the comfy couch to dig in while streaming the latest Christmas special.


2. All Butter Double Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookies from Marks & Spencer

Chocolate lovers will find it really hard to pass over these decadent All Butter Double Belgian Chocolate Chunk Cookies. Gooey rich milk and dark chocolate chunks are embedded in a soft and chewy butter cookie base, making them an irresistible afternoon snack with Christmassy peppermint coffee or spiced apple tea.

3. Cocon Mixed Mini Pudding with Nata De Coco from Sam’s Groceria

For the young ones at the party, these colorful Cocon Mixed Mini Pudding with Nata De Coco are a fun treat to pop anytime of the day. Pick your favorite flavors from honey melon to strawberry and enjoy the chewy nata de coco with every bite!

4. Pringles Tin Cheesy Cheese from pandamart

Whether you enjoy your Pringles by nibbling on it or devouring them by the stack, Pringles Tin Cheesy Cheese is a safe bet when it comes to house party snacks. Every crunch unleashes cheesy goodness on your taste buds and as they say, once you pop, you can’t stop!

5. Milk Chocolate Bubbly Santa from Marks & Spencer

This cute little Milk Chocolate Bubbly Santa doubles up as a great stocking stuffer or a door gift for your guests. Unwrap it to unveil a jolly Santa made from aerated milk chocolate, which gives it a lighter texture compared to bar chocolate.  

6. Tong Garden Honey Almonds from pandamart

Sometimes the simplest treats are the best. Grab a handful of these Tong Garden Honey Almonds to satiate your late-night hunger pangs. The luscious honey glaze balances out the savory almonds, and you can add them to ice cream, frozen yogurt and salads for an extra crunch.

7. Super Ring Crackers from Petron

Relive those idyllic childhood days with Super Ring Crackers. A combination of sweet, creamy and salty flavors make this light snacks ultra addictive, especially in the wee hours of the night. There’s really only one right way to eat them – slip an orange ring onto each finger and stuff them into your mouth one by one. Don’t forget to lick up all that leftover powder after!

8. Soy Garlic Cupdak from Emart24

“Dak” means chicken in Korean and Cupdak refers to fried chicken in a cup. When you’re craving for something more fulfilling and warm, Soy Garlic Cupdak just hits the spot. Once you sink your teeth into the first crispy fried chicken, the cup will be emptied out in no time.

9. Amazin' Graze Nut Mix Snack Packs (Zesty) from pandamart

Sweet and mellow with a hint of zest, Amazin' Graze Nut Mix Snack Packs (Zesty) are a healthier way to indulge this Christmas period. Their snack packs are loaded with high fiber and protein-rich nuts, and naturally sweetened with maple syrup. Stock up a few packs of these in your pantry so your calorie-counting friends won’t feel left out of the snacking fun!

10. Loacker Napolitaner from myNEWS

Luxurious Italian hazelnut filling between layers of thin, crispy waffles are a match made in heaven. It’s no wonder that Loacker Napolitaner has been a popular snack for years – everyone can’t seem to get enough of delightful layers of crunch and cream. Leave a few of these lying around the coffee table and they will somehow magically disappear.

11. Belgian Chocolate Biscuits Tin from Marks & Spencer

Make your guests feel extra special by offering them a biscuit from the exquisite selection in your Belgian Chocolate Biscuits Tin. These thin, delightful biscuits that crumble in your mouth are made in Belgium, and come in an assortment of shapes, sizes and chocolate coatings. Flip over the gold tin with care to read more about each biscuit. With each of them sounding like they are made for high tea with the Queen, it’s going to be hard to decide which to pick! 

12. Nestle Kit Kat 4 Fingers Green Tea Chocolate from pandamart

Matcha and green tea lovers rejoice! This Nestle Kit Kat 4 Fingers Green Tea Chocolate is easy and fuss-free to dish out and enjoy. Break off the fingers and snap the finger in half (can you hear that delightful biscuit crack?) before savoring the bright and bittersweet taste of this green tea chocolate coated biscuit.  

13. Scottish All Butter Shortbread Selection from Marks & Spencer

This is the season of indulgence, so why not go all out with the Scottish All Butter Shortbread Selection? These delectable shortbread literally half melts and crumbles in your mouth, letting you take in all that buttery richness slowly. Whip up a hot chocolate or ginger tea to pair with these Scottish biscuits for a fulfilling snacking session.

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