The Best Healthy Nibbles for Your New Year 2022 Countdown
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The Best Healthy Nibbles for Your New Year 2022 Countdown

Get them all with foodpanda and pass the preservative-free munchies, nuts, and juicy fruits over please!

The time of the year is here again to leave behind bad habits and bring hope, joy, laughter and cheer into the New Year. Snacking is most inevitable as you’re lounging on the couch with friends or watching the fireworks light up the night sky on the balcony. Instead of noshing on greasy pizza and crisps, why not take the opportunity to get into healthier snacks?  

Place these yummy and nutritious tidbits strategically around the house, and let’s countdown to a healthier and happier you!  

1. Amazin' Graze Antioxidant Berry Trail Mix from pandamart

Crunch on protein-rich almonds, pecans and pumpkin seeds while letting the cranberries, blueberries, and goji berries sweet burst forth with juicy sweet flavor with a handful of this trail mix. A pack of this Amazin' Graze Antioxidant Berry Trail Mix is a quick healthy fix for those midnight hunger pangs, and introduces much antioxidant and fiber goodness into your diet.

2. Nutrione Baked Almonds from pandamart

Almonds counts as one of the healthiest nuts you can indulge in, containing the highest calcium content in the nut segment. Each nut is packed with lots of vitamins and minerals, which are great for your heart. Nibble on a few nuts and their healthy fats will fill you up quickly!

3. Roasted Edamame from The Hive Intermark

Edamame are actually immature soybeans, and you’ve probably sampled them before at a Japanese restaurant. The shelf-life of these soybeans are extended when they are roasted, which also give them a lovely crunchy exterior and a slightly chewy interior. Vegans will love this snack as they protein packed and high in vitamins. 

4. Tong Garden Chestnuts without Shell from Village Grocer

Stroll past a pushcart chestnut stall and you’ll get a whiff of the nutty toasted aromas of roasted chestnuts. These fruits can be a little difficult to prepare and consume and that’s where a packet of Tong Garden Chestnuts without Shell comes in handy. After roasting, each nut changes from an undesirably crunchy and bitter profile to give a sweet, mellow and almost buttery taste, with a soft potato-like starchy texture. High in fiber and made of complex carbs, chestnuts are definitely much healthier than potato chips though!  

5. Manjun - Laverland Crunch Wasabi Flavour Korean Seaweed from pandamart

Old is gold when it comes to certain snacks. Within origins dating as far back as three and a half billion years ago and consumption dating back a couple of millennia, seaweed has been long associated with longevity and health. It’s not just part of Eastern Asian cuisine –  seaweed was used as medicine during the Roman and Kingdom of Tonga times. When you’re not that hungry and just want something to munch on, this double roasted Manjun - Laverland Crunch Wasabi Flavour Korean Seaweed makes for the perfect countdown companion. It’s gluten-free, contains no MSG and contains many vitamins and a good amount of iodine.

6. Guava Lohan from pandamart

Mum’s right – it’s hard to beat fresh fruits when it comes to healthy snacking. Fortunately, fresh fruit is readily available on Pandamart, saving you a trip to the supermarket. Guava Lohan or King Guava is a plump and relatively new variant of Guava cultivated in Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia since 2012. Crispy sweet and jam-packed with one of the highest vitamin C content you can expect from fruit, your friends and family will thank you for this healthy alternative on the snack table. Pair with spicy plum sugar for an added kick!

7. Farmers Union Kids Mango from Village Grocer

With packaging this cute, both kids and adults-at-heart will dive straight in for this Farmers Union Kids Mango. Instead of sugary sweet ice cream, this Greek yogurt is gives you and your young ones their daily dose of probiotics, protein and vitamin D. Juicy mango bits impart their natural sweetness to the tart and creamy yogurt, and this little serving size is simply perfect for a midnight snack.

8. The Hive Organic Brown Rice Cracker from The Hive Intermark

A wonderful medley of puffed brown rice, organic sunflower seeds, organic sesame seeds, seaweed and peanuts are shaped into bite-sized cube and held together with organic prune vinegar & brown sugar for easy snacking. Keep these crackers in an air-tight jar and pop them this countdown for a healthy alternative to deep fried snacks!

9. Date Crown Khenaizi from Lulu Hypermarket

Khenaizi is an Emirate black date variant that boasts moderate sweetness, firm texture, fleshy structure and rich flavors. They make for a hearty snack anytime of the day, and can also be used in fabulous bakes like sticky date pudding or date squares. Chomp on a handful this New Year’s eve to enjoy its anti-oxidant and high fiber benefits.   

10. Healthy Bites Tempeh Snaps from The Hive Intermark

Swing by any nasi padang stall during lunch and you’re usually find tempeh goreng or even tempeh curry as an optional side dish. This traditional Javanese food is made from fermented soybeans and a common vegan alternative to meat. There’s no sugar or salt added to these Healthy Bites Tempeh Snaps, so you can nibble on them guilt-free while waiting for 2022 to come around!

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