The Best Alcohol-Free Festive Drinks to Celebrate This Holiday Season
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The Best Alcohol-Free Festive Drinks to Celebrate This Holiday Season

No booze? Make the best of this year end holidays with these slurp-worthy treats from foodpanda

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to recreate that warm, fuzzy feeling of the festive season minus the brain fog? With our delightful list of hot, cold, sparkling and still concoctions, you can spread the holiday cheer among your family and friends without the need for booze. Come along now – it’s time to cozy up, gather around and raise our cups to these festive thirst-quenchers below!

1. Spiced Apple Infusion Tea Bags from Marks & Spencer

We might not have white Christmases in Southeast Asia, but in the chillier months of December and January, it’s nice to savor with a hot cup of Spiced Apple Infusion Tea slowly. Breathe in deep to luxuriate in the soothing aromas of rosehip, hibiscus and cinnamon, and allow yourself unwind after a long day of meal prep. These tea bags are naturally caffeine free and provide a perfect balance of sweet spiciness – a familiar taste every Christmas holiday.

2. A&W Canned Soft Drink from pandamart

Take a walk down memory lane by whipping up your very own root beer float at home. Pour your fizzy A&W Canned Soft Drink into a pre-frozen class for an extra frosty experience, and plop a scoop (or two!) of vanilla ice cream on top. Top off with whipped cream and a maraschino cherry to complete this super special treat for yourself or your loved ones. There’s no better time of the year to indulge in this classic treat than this holiday season!

3. Vida Zero Minty Lime from pandamart

A hundred percent refreshing with zero percent calories, sugar and coloring. Sounds too good to be exist? Pull back the tab of this Vida Zero Minty Lime can and you would probably change your mind. This Japanese-formulated fizzy drink contains tropical citrus and fresh mint to take the edge off any blazing hot afternoon. If you stock your fridge with a few cans, your friends and family will definitely thank you for this guilt-free pleasure in this super indulgent festive period!

4. Wonda Mocha Coffee from myNEWS

Made of one part aromatic coffee and one part decadent chocolate, mocha is a rich beverage waiting to be born since the existence of both coffee beans and cacao pods. For coffee-lovers who are impervious to the effects of caffeine, you get to sample the full range of the popular Starbucks Christmas drinks in a day and also fix any further cravings with this Wonda Mocha Coffee. Made with more than 50% premium quality Arabica coffee beans, Wonda’s coffee delivers a smooth, creamy and just-brewed taste in the convenience of a can.

5. UFC Refresh Coconut Water from Village Grocer

When it comes to choosing a healthy beverage this holiday season, it’s hard to beat a mellow sweet, refreshing coconut. We love this juice for its versatility – blend it with avocadoes and gula Melaka for a yummy smoothie or with frozen acai puree and blueberries for a energy-boosting (and awesomely purple) blend. Even on its own, you can just pour this UFC Refresh Coconut Water over ice and enjoy the natural goodness of this tropical fruit

6. Drinking Chocolate from Marks & Spencer

Christmas isn’t quite the same without chocolate, and Drinking Chocolate is a must-have in any pantry. Whisk milk and this pre-mixed (with sugar) cocoa powder in a heated saucepan until little bubbles form at the edges. Toss in a vanilla pods, cinnamon or even a few strips of chili (for a spicy kick) to flavor it how you want. Let it steep for a few minutes and serve with marshmallows if desired.

7. Sunquick Fruit Drink Orange from pandamart

When school’s out this holiday, you’ve got excited kids running around the house and they’ll need to rehydrate often. These 125 ML packs of Sunquick Fruit Drink Orange are just the perfect size for their little hands to grab and go. Rest assured that this fruit juice has no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and sweeteners, and contains a good dose of immunity-boosting vitamin C. Even the adults won’t mind slurping up a pack or two!

8. Alcohol Free Sparkling Botanical G&T from Marks & Spencer

Savor the amazing botanicals like juniper, coriander, lemon balm, cardamom and angelica guilt-free with Marks & Spencer’s Alcohol Free Sparkling Botanical Gin & Tonic. Guaranteed to taste like the real thing – sans alcohol – this is the drink of choice for designated drivers or booze-free parties. Pour it over ice and garnish with cucumber and mint, or blueberries and pink peppercorns for a full-on gin and tonic experience.

9. Sweet Tooth Sparkling Honey Juice from Jungle House

Sweet, sour and sparkling with hints of mango, this Sweet Tooth Sparkling Honey Juice will tingle your senses with its tanginess. Finish off your heavy festive meals with this light, fizzy concoction that’s not over cloyingly sweet.

10. Oldenlandia Water from Childhood - A Taste of Memory

Did you know that Oldenlandia diffusa is one of the Chinese traditional medicine herbs used to treat cancer? Today, Oldenlandia Water can be found across kopitiams, supermarkets and online grocery stores and is enjoyed as a healthy fizzy beverage to offset the heatiness of spicy food. Sugar-free and calorie-free, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying this traditional drink in a cool-looking retro glass this holiday season.

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