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Don't Bin It: How to Turn Food 'Waste' into Something Delicious

What do you do with potato skins? Ugly fruits? Or wilted spring onions? Charlotte Mei shows you how to turn them into magical meals so your food lasts longer for you

DIY Citrus Masala Chai

Leftover citrusy peels? Use excess ginger and orange peels to flavour a delicious Masala tea, and as an air freshener for your kitchen. All you’ve got to do is brew a mug of deliciously spiced chai that’s made from a smatter of cardamon pods, sweet cinnamon, sharp peppercorn and a few more things. My version gives the traditional drink a refreshing edge with your unused citrus peels.

Broccoli Stem Slaw

Don’t throw broccoli stems away, you can make them into a great Broccoli Stem Slaw. It may sound like an odd idea, but broccoli stems are actually really tender, are full of fibre and nutrients, and they taste milder than the florets (if you’re not a fan of the taste of broccoli!). Tossed with vinegar, ginger and fragrant sesame oil, you can pair this slaw with a cold soba noodle salad, a spicy tuna roll, or a cheesy taco.

Ginger Scallion Sauce

Wilted spring onions? Make a versatile Ginger ScallionSauce to keep as a staple in your fridge! It’s a great way to use up spring onions that are past their prime. Mix them into noodles, rice, congee, or your favourite steamed fish! I like to add some into my Asian meatballs too. Plus, for extra flavour, add a splash of sushi vinegar.

Potato Peel Chips

The next time you end up with potato peel, don’t bin them. Save the peels for a tray of incredibly easy Potato Peel Chips that allows you to save food waste, save money, and enjoy a high-fibre snack that doesn’t contain any suspicious ingredients. All you need is five-spice powder for the extra lift! It can serve as a snack, or to add extra crunch to your soups or salads.

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