Sahur Part 2

Sahur Part 2

Are the thoughts of Sahur worrying you? Indulge yourself with this long list of breakfast ideas for a more meaningful yet filling meal experience during one.

Now for more Sahur ideas -the first part’s linked below if you missed it. Well, if you’re one of over 1.5 billion people that’s having Sahur, or breakfast before sunrise, you’d appreciate if it had minimal fuss –that’s means a quick 10 minutes prep, or made in advance. These recipes are just thatand one more thing -they provide you with energy right up to sunset. Selamat Berpuasa, or Happy Fasting!

Now for more Sahur ideas -the first part’s here if you missed it.

1. Turkey Bacon Peanut Butter Sandwich

Peanut Butter! Turkey Bacon! Mayonnaise! This Highly Recommended Sandwich gives you a rolling burst of sweet-salty flavours that’ll open your closing eyes in the early morning. Best part? Prepare this in advance and chuck in the fridge to get a chilled sandwich. Use wholemeal bread to keep you fuller for longer - it’s guaranteed to pull your energy up till the sun comes down.

2. Spicy Peanut Soba Salad

All noodle salads, including this peanut-butter dripped one-is heaven-sent. That’s because you can make it in a lazy mood, and eat it just the same way. And if you’re up that early, you’d want to. The evening before, mix well chilli padi, your regular veggies, peanut butter (trust us), and soba noodles to soak it all up. Little prep, big taste.

3. Avocado Baked Eggs

A new day, a new starting line. Start right with energy-rich eggs, carefully cracked into halved avocados. They need just a few minutes of heat, so pop them into the oven or microwave, then top with pepper. Crave out its creamy flesh, or grab and munch. It’ll keep you steady right to the finishing line, in time for your next meal at sunset.

A quick and filling soup. Blend for a few seconds carrots, potatoes and vegetable stock (make that from scratch or buy pre-made) and slide into the fridge for the next morning. Re-heat for a brief minute and in that time, take a deep stretch up and down –when your whole body feels a nice warm buzz, take a seat and eat.

5. Easy Cheesy Scones

Baking cheese scones are quick, and easier than you might think. Use a food processor for speed, but it’s fine to use your hands too. You’ll want a light but firm mix. And don’t forget thyme or rosemary sticks, they add a splash of botanical sweetness in all that savoury cheese. Make in advance and re-heat on a cool early morning. Break and eat plain, or if you like, top with a spoon of cold cream cheese.

Smoothie breakfastsdon’t require much. Here, you blend avocados, milk and walnuts to get a wonderfully smooth and creamy first drink of the day. A drip of hot melted gula melaka adds earthy sweetness to cool avocado. You can always replace avocados with bananas, berries or mango, and refrigerate the night before to begin your next day easy peasy.

7. Tuna Hummus Toast

An easy morning is in sight with this three-bite toast. All you’ll need is canned tuna, and for a well-seasoned (and optional) mix, chop up olives, dill, a lemonsqueeze and black pepper. Refrigerate the night before and in just a few minutes in the morning, spread on tasty hummus (store-bought or do it yourself) topped with that mix on bread for a pleasant start to the day. 

8. Chicken Pasta Pesto Soup

Pause at the half-way mark of Ramadan with a satisfying bowl of chicken pasta soup. Tear up chicken, penne pasta (though any type’s fine), veggies and a spoon of pesto. That thick herb paste will lend some depth to chicken soup’s comfortable taste –you’ll love it. Make ahead of time, and re-heat in the early morning. And while you let it cool slightly, take a moment to take stock of things.

Now for more Sahur ideas -the first part’s here if you missed it.


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