Sahur Part 1

Sahur Part 1

Worrying about what to serve for Sahur? Try out this delicious and filling breakfast ideas that will surely make fasting a more meaningful experience. Learn more.

At Ramadan, over 1.5 billion people have Sahur, or breakfast before sunrise. And when you’re up that early, you’d appreciate if breakfast had minimal fuss –that’s means a quick 10 minutes prep, or made in advance. These week-long recipes are just that and one more thing -they provide you with energyright up to sunset. Selamat Berpuasa, or Happy Fasting!                                                                               

Planning breakfast for Ramadan? Here’s one you can prep in advance. Pancakes are good, but coconut-filled ones are even better. Re-heat quickly in a microwave or place over a cup of hot milo, tea, whatever works. Then tear and eat with sweet gula melaka sauce –use fingers for one less thing to wash. 

2. Chicken Egg Porridge

Breakfast before sunrise can be tough. But you can make it easier by preparing in advance a warm, energy-filled bowl of chicken and egg. To re-heat for another morning, stand over the stove for a few minutes and breathe in deeply -when fresh smells of ginger, garlic and onions come, it’s time to tuck in.

3.  Veggie Soba Dashi Noodles

Noodle soupsmake quick meals –slurp, swallow, and you’re done. This one’s a bit of mushroom, a tasty egg, spring onions and rich dashi stock (buy that pre-made or make from scratch). Even half-awake, you can throw in the ingredients and get going for the rest of theday.

4. Mango Tropical Overnight Oats

First meals should be quick and easy, especially if you’re waking up really early. And oats is helpful there –you can prep the night before, put it in the fridge and eat straight chilled the next morning. We used mango, but all fruits work too. Want it warm? Pour into a pot under 30s of heat and gather your thoughts for the day.

5. Tomato and Herbs Baked Eggs

Anytime’s a good time for eggs. For a deeply flavoured morning, pour in a can of tomatoes, cumin, onions, garlic, and the spices you love. Crack in a couple of eggs for the family, and let them sink in. When you see a deep yellow yolk forming, that’s when you gather everyone for that morning meal. 

6. Wonton Soup

Even in a busy morning, make sure you pause for a soup. This one’s with juicy prawn and chicken wontons that you can make in advance, and pop into the fridge for another day. You can eat it quickly, slipping the whole wanton into your mouth, or slowly, eating in parts as you enjoy the quiet time before sunrise.

7. Tamagoyaki

The egg has everything you need for a longday. Eat plain or fill this omelette with chicken slices, vegetables and onions for a sweet, nutritious bite. Two eggs make a decent serving, three if you’re hungry. Make in advance,steamup and pass around.

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