Plant-Forward Eats for Kids: 5 Tasty Meal Ideas

Plant-Forward Eats for Kids: 5 Tasty Meal Ideas

Throw in delicious unMEAT meat-free nuggets and reinvent the way you include fruits and veggies at mealtimes for your little ones

Kids can be notoriously finicky eaters, especially when it comes to greens. If your painstakingly prepared vegetables tend go cold on your little one’s plate or worst still, splat on the floor, it’s time to change it up.

Make eating fruits and vegetables fun again by playing up their contrast, colors and textures. And don't forget the secret taste - some soy-based unMEAT nuggets for an uncanny 'meat' flavor. When the end results look and taste this good, they’ll be vying with you to finish off the last piece, yum! 

1. Cute Cucumber Cups with unMEAT Minced Meat


Cute as a button and bursting with flavor, these Keto Cucumber Sushi Cups are great for a midday grab-and-go snack or appetizer before dinner. Hollowed out Japanese cucumber make the perfect tiny holders for the cauliflower filling, and this dish can be made plant-forward using tasty crumbed up pieces of unMEAT Minced Meat.

This plant-based susbtitute is a good source of fiber and protein, and comes pre-seasoned for convenience. Busy moms, it's the perfect thing you need for delicious and healthy meals for your kids!

2. Charlie Chan Pasta with unMeat Meat-Free Nuggets 


It’s hard to find a kid that doesn’t love pasta or alphabet soup. Here, whip up a simple but very tasty bowl of Charlie Chan’s pasta, with just punchy garlic, umami mushrooms, and slices of veggies, all tossed up with spoons of savory oyster sauce, brown sugar, and sesame oil. 

But the cherry on the cake, or shall we say, nugget on the pasta, is a palm-sized serving of crisp, meat-free, juicy and tender unMeat Nuggets. Just a few on them provide a great crunch and texture to slippery, bouncy pasta. 

3. Tasty Breakfast Burgers with unMEAT Luncheon Meat 

Switch out the meat patty in your regular morning burger fix for some tasty, savoury, unMEAT Luncheon meat-free goodness. It’s 100% plant-based and non-GMO, a source of daily protein and comes without preservatives added!

Trust us, you’re in for a treat. 

4. Beary Bento Lunch Box with unMEAT Nuggets

Sometimes all it takes is some artistic creativity and carefully placed vegetables to change your child’s perception. This Beary Cute Bento Lunch Box turns sweet apom balik pancakes into an adorable bear popping out of a forest of fresh lettuce, cucumbers, grapes and oranges. This bento box so beautiful we bet your kid will be showing it off to all of his or her friends at school!

But that’s not all. Now don't forget to add a tasty surprise to this bento! On the side, pop in some juicy, tender squares of unMEAT Meat-Free Nuggets that are high in both protein and fiber while having none of the nasty preservatives compared to normal chicken nuggets in the fast food restaurants. These nuggets only take 3 minutes of pan-frying before they are ready to hit the plates, making them a life saver for you on busy days.

5. Heart-Shaped Patty Popsicles with unMEAT Minced Meat


Ain’t this just adorable? Your kids will love these sticks of juicy, sweet onion stuffed popsicles! Switch out chicken for unMEAT Meat-Free Minced Meat for a healthier choice of main dish protein. Mix it up with egg, chopped onion, spring onion, some seasonings and gently mold this into a heart shape, then lightly fry. To finish, stick an ice-cream stick inside. These adorable heart-shaped popsicles are best served with a dipping sauce such as teriyaki sauce, chili sauce, etc or with a side dish such as a salad or vegetables.

And here's a little thing about unMEAT’s meat-free food 

unMeat’s products are deliciously soy-based, high in both protein and fiber. Plus, it's extremely quick to serve too. In just a few quick minutes, you'll get it hot and juicy in time for a meal any time of day. And with less time spent in the kitchen, this gives you more time with the kids. 

This feature is published in association with unMEAT

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